Cadillac Unveils XT6 3-row Crossover

What a difference a few months makes.  For quite some time, Cadillac sales were limited by only having a single crossover, the XT5.  Recently they added the XT4 baby-brother to draw customers that might have considered smaller and sportier crossovers.

But, this left growing families without a Cadillac to consider, if they aren’t interested in the flamboyant, body-on-frame Escalade.

Cadillac now has brought to bear the XT6, debuting the 2020 model at this year’s Detroit Auto Show.

Based heavily on the XT5 platform, the XT6 has the same wheelbase as its 2-row cousin (112.5 inches), but with a longer body with a more squared-off roofline (9.3 inches added) and a 3rd row of seats.  Also of note, the XT6 borrows styling from the Cadillac Escala concept with its short and wide headlights, vertical white front marker lights, as well as the horizontal and vertical tail light treatment.

Fun features coming with the XT6 include an enhanced rotary controller for the Cadillac infotainment system as well as a USB port at every seating location.

The XT6 is powered by Cadillac’s 3.6l V-6 with power routed through a 9-speed automatic transmission.  The 310hp V-6 also has GM’s Active Fuel Management technology, allowing it to run as a V-4 when maximum power is not needed.

Expect the 2020 XT6 to hit dealer showrooms later this year.

Read below for the full press release from Cadillac.


Cadillac Unveils Upcoming Full-EV

Cadillac EVAs part of GM’s new all-electric platform, Cadillac will get the honor of the first model on the platform.  

As yet unnamed and with no specifications yet given, Cadillac will sell the first model on a platform that GM is promoting as their move into an all-electric future (BEV3).

This new platform from GM is expected to support front, rear, and all-wheel drive iterations.  The battery architecture will be expandable in order to reach a target of 300-mile range for each model offered.

Cadillac EVPrevious reporting is that the first of the BEV3-based vehicles (now known to be this Cadillac) will be in 2021 (though it isn’t known if that is a model year or on-sale year). 

It appears from these renderings that the model will be aimed at Tesla’s Model-X and other luxury electrics such as the Jaguar I-PACE.

Cadillac to Debut XT6 at 2019 Detroit Auto Show

Automotive News has confirmed that Cadillac will debut their new 3-row crossover, the XT6, at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Based on the same platform GM uses for the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave (and in shortened form) for the XT5 – the XT6 will slot between the XT5 and the larger, body-on-frame, Escalade.  Interestingly, the XT6 seems to sport a very similar interior to the XT5 which has been on the market for some time.

Exterior styling draws heavily from the Escala concept with slim, horizontal headlights.

This should serve as a good addition to the lineup for Cadillac which has been long starved as the crossovers the market is demanding.  With this, it will bring Cadillac up to 3 crossovers and the Escalade to help keep buyers in the brand as they walk away from sedans and coupes in ever larger numbers.

Cadillac Moving HQ Back to Detroit

It isn’t surprising after the ouster of Johan de Nysschen as head of Cadillac that his controversial decision to move Cadillac headquarters to New York City would be reversed.

Per a report in the Wall Street Journal, Cadillac will move their HQ back to Detroit. Reasoning given include getting sales, marketing, design, and engineering together on the cusp of the unveiling of new models like the CT4 sedan and new crossovers that Cadillac definitely needs.

It remains to be seen if de Nysschen’s departure and the shift in direction will benefit the brand.

Cadillac Kills Their Best Sedan – ATS Sedan Cancelled for 2019

As of the 2019 model year, Cadillac will stop selling the ATS in sedan form.  This marks 6 years of the sedan that easily out-BMW-ed BMW in a package that other makes have abandoned in a race to make their sports sedans softer and larger.

The 2019 model year will still give us the ATS and ATS-V Coupe.

Soon, Cadillac will be replacing the ATS and the CTS with the new CT5 sedan and will flesh out the model line with a smaller sedan that may be based on one of GM’s front-drive platforms.

Personally, this appears to be a big mistake for the future of the brand’s credibility and may show that GM’s bean-counter culture is back in command and enthusiasts of the Cadillac brand will suffer as a result.  However, as new crossovers make it into the lineup, the sales and financial figures will look good enough.

At least until another management shift when GM tries again to recapture Cadillac’s lost mojo (but doesn’t have the will to complete).

Source: The Car Connection