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Scott Kissinger has been a fan of all things automotive from a young age. Founder of a multiple enthusiasts and news sites as well as a member of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press. Scott has been covering Cadillac’s specifically since 2004.

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C adillac doesn’t make a product in every category (yet). And where they do make a product, it is best for them and the industry if we all know what the competition has to offer…because ultimately Cadillac won’t get better if fans of the brand buy what they make if it isn’t the best in class.

So, tCE offers up these competitive reviews so we all know exactly what the state of the art is so we can hold Cadillac to a higher standard.

Car care reviewTurtle Wax ICE vs. Zaino

The good folks over at Turtle Wax sent me a package of their latest car-care line, ICE, in order to give it a try and let everyone know what I thought.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit leery of using an unknown product on anything as precious as a Cadillac – so I decided to try this out on my winter car, a 1995 Jeep (the paint on which is in fine shape except for a few scratches).

Now, simply putting any product on a previously unwaxed car isn’t going to be a good test – so I pulled out the big guns for a side-by-side (literally) comparison – Zaino.

For those of you unfamiliar with Zaino – this is a non-wax product that, through the application of multiple layers, provides a glossy, deep, protective layer. I’ve used them for years with no complaints.

ICE is a new product from Turtle Wax that is also a non-wax promised to result in no white dust, can be used on just about all surfaces of your car short of tires (though they make a point of saying it can be applied to rubber) and windows.

ICE is also touted to provide deeper shine through multiple coats (for this comparison, I only applied one coat).

So, on to the comparison:

The players

Playing for the ICE team:

ICE Liquid Claybar
ICE Liquid Polish

And for Zaino:

Z-18 Clay bar
Z-2 Pro Show Car Polish for Clear Coat
(note: To properly perform a Zaino application, I should have started with Z-1 Polish Lok or ZFX flash cure…but I did not want to take the additional time to use my left over Z-1 and have not yet purchased any ZFX)

Initial Prep

To get things going, I took a bucket of dish-washing soap to the two drivers-side door panels in order to remove any dirt and any possible wax residue/coating that might have been left behind. This got us down to just paint on a door…a great starting point to any wax you want to apply. This is a picture of our starting point:

Washed and Dry 1

Washed and Dry 2


For this comparison – I applied the Zaino products to the driver’s front door and ICE to the rear door.


Claybar-ing your paint is a process to remove embedded contaminants from the surface. Traditionally, you use a bar of clay or clay-like material, a liquid to lubricate the bar, and slowly work it across the surface. The clay should be more attractive to any particles embedded in the paint than the paint is and will draw them out of the surface.

Repeated folding over of the bar is required to keep presenting a clean clay surface to the paint (to prevent any contaminants you’ve removed from damaging the paint you pull the bar across later on).

Zaino’s Z-18 Clay bar is a very traditional clay bar…as shown here:

Zaino Clay bar

Turtle Wax has done something odd with their product, the ICE Liquid Clay Bar. They describe it as:

A unique triple layer formula consists of a scratch & swirl remover, cleaning agents and an exfoliant that work together to provide outstanding cleaning capabilities.

ICE Clay bar

This sounds less like a clay bar and more like a mild polish…so we’ll take their calling this a ‘clay bar’ with a very large grain of salt.

The process for using the Zaino Claybar was simple. Work the bar in your hands to get some heat into it and soften it. Fold it over itself a few times until it is nice and pliable. They spray the surface with either water, with just a tiny bit of soap mixed in, or you may use a detailing spray. The idea is to get a thin layer of liquid for the bar to slide on, but not so much that the bar doesn’t touch the surface.

I like to work in small areas, at most a couple square feet at a time. I then slide the bar in straight lines over the area from one side to the other, doing 2 strips or so before taking the bar and folding over the ‘working’ side to wrap the now dirty side into the bar and then continue with a side that has not been used against the paint (which should be any side since you just folded the used side into the clay).

For the ICE ‘claybar’ I used the included applicator pad and followed the instructions on the bottle.

Applying ICE claybar

After using both products, I could not see much difference between the left (claybar-ed) and right (mildly polished) finishes.

Claybar (l) vs ICE claybar (r)


Now it’s time for what many people would call the actual ‘wax-ing’ step.

Zaino used to use a system that required a use of their Z-1 ‘Polish Lok’ that you applied but did not buff off followed by the actual Z-2 Polish coat that you then allowed to dry before buffing off. Now, they have an additive (ZFX) you add to the Z-2 to accomplish the same result. I skipped the Z-1 step because I have am almost out and also did not use ZFX as I have not purchased any yet. Since both seem to be more about durability of the final coat than shine performance – I did not feel this would impact the final comparison.

Z-2 is a creamy, pink substance that you apply with a rag or other applicator. I applied this to the panel in circular motions until I had the entire surface lightly coated. I waited for this to dry completely before buffing off with a cotton or microfiber cloth. It dries to a haze like this:

Zaino Z2 Haze

ICE Liquid PolishICE Liquid Polish (they also make a paste version for those who like the more traditional Turtle Wax polish method) comes with its own foam applicator pad and a microfiber cloth. It is a clear, slightly thick liquid. Following the included instructions I applied a layer of the polish over the panel in straight, overlapping strokes.

Ultimately, you have a distorted layer of liquid on the panel as shown below.

Applying ICE Polish

After letting the ICE sit for a few minutes, it is still wet, but this is the time to buff off the excess with the included microfiber cloth.

ICE Polish buff

After completing both panels – each with a single coat of polish – I was left with the following results (Picture follows the label – each pair is Zaino followed by ICE. Click any picture for a more detailed version):


















We can make some definitive conclusions from this test…

1. My Jeep has a fair number of scratches.

2. Jeep paint has a fairly breathtaking level of orange peel from the factory.

3. Obviously, this is a fairly limited comparison based on the appearance right after applying both products. This does not take into account the results after multiple applications nor the longevity of either product.

However, after applying both Zaino and ICE, I personally can see a deeper, clearer shine from the Zaino product, even taking the shortcut of not using the Polish Lok/ZFX method.

The easier application of ICE, it appears, is made up for by the fact you would need to apply more than 1 coat to reach even the results of a single Zaino coat.

Before making a final recommendation, we should at least make a nod to the ugly subject of price.

Zaino pricing looks like this (note that Zaino is available only online from Zaino Brothers):

Z-2 – $14.95
Z-18 (claybar) – $16.95
Z-6 detailing spray (can be used to lubricate the clay bar – though water with a small drop of soap will work just as well) – $9.95

ICE is available at many retailers – but I’ll use Amazon for the price comparision:

ICE Liquid Polish – $14.94
ICE Liquid Claybar – $19.94
ICE Spray Detailer (not needed since the claybar isn’t of the traditional type) – $12.99

So, surprisingly, ICE doesn’t bring a compelling price advantage to the table either.

So, in the end, if you don’t have to pick up a bottle of something to polish your car _right now_…it appears that Zaino would be the way to go. If you are pinched for time, would like to use one product on both paint and plastic trim, or don’t mind multiple applications to get comparable results – then ICE certainly is an adequate option.

Zaino Brothers

Turtle Wax ICE – Amazon link – purchases help support tCE

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  • Matt

    Absolutely wonderful review. Extremely unbiased and gave each product an equal chance while coming up with a clear winner for shine/ gloss and for ease of use. Thank you very much.

  • V

    Thanks for the review, is there any comment towards durability of the two products?

  • CEAdmin

    I did not notice the relative durability of either product, sorry.

  • Dennis Judd


    Well, you left out one particular point. Your process of review seems solid and well done. However, the quality of the pictures (I presume the anomolies I see in the exploded views) appear to have been taken with a very low resolution camera (ie. phone camera). Therefore, either I am mistaken, or the TW Ice seems to be as good.

    I would recommend you snap the pictures with a decent camera (pixels aren’t the only criteria for a good digital camera), but if it were me, I wouldn’t go through the process again just to take better pictures.

    Thanks for your hard work, and for the “unbiased” opinion.

  • Ace Ventura

    Hey guys, I gotta go. I have a date with your mothers…

  • random dick

    i take it the kids don’t know how to grab the door handle? i hate those scratches, it wasn’t until my friend who details cars all the time explained why i have them on my paint that i knew what was causing them. [finger nail rubbing]

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  • Keith

    I am concerned about the Ice Products being or containing silicone . If so, are the stories that I have been told about refinishing problems created by silicone. I have used the detailer on an old vehicle that I didn’t think I will be refinishing and it worked great. No residue and what a shine.

  • Hoochiecoochie

    I have been using Zaino for the past year and have been impressed with it over any previous product I have tried. However, I had to try the TW Ice and I agree that the Zaino gives a deeper shine vs. the TW. Most consumers will (do not) not search the Internet for waxes/polishes (Zaino is available only from Zaino) and as such, Zaino does not get the name recognition that TW does. I wish that Polyglaze had not gone out of business, great product that I used for almost 25 years (and of course experimentation with the others). I’ll see if my brother the chemist can have both run thorugh some tests and get some more details as to what they are composed of. Until then, I will use Zaino with ZFX each time, BUT will also use Ice for the interim and see about durability. I like the way Ice can be applied over any part of the car and not result in the crusty white residue. Zaino is very good in this regard, but I give the edge to Ice for headlights and taillights i(plastic)n its ability to enhance the clarity and repelling of the elements – Ice seems to have and edge over Zaino for this purpose. Time will tell. If you don’t want to order directly from Zaino, (great customer service and shipppiing by the way), I would not hesitate to use Ice….. and for what it is worth, Turtle Was if over in Willowbrook, IL, about 5 miles from where I am. Maybe I can stop by and see what is new. Zaino weems to work better with the ZFX additive and that drives up the cost considerably and I personally would not use it without ZFX with each application.

  • Jim

    I think this test is bogus. I believe this guy purposely try to make the Zaino look better. From the pics you can tell that the Zaino has more contrast giving a shiny apearance and the ICE a more dull apearance. But I believe that the photos was touched up to favor Zaino. If you look at the pictures closely the black trim on the car is darker on the Zaino pictures. The Trim should look the same and have the same shade since the trim was not waxed.

  • CEAdmin


    ‘this guy’ would be me, as this was my Jeep I compared the products on.

    Honestly, the differences were minor, at best between the two products – but my untrained eye did favor the finish of the Zaino, if only barely.

    As to touching up the photos…these came from my iPhone camera and had no work done to them, not even so much as cropping the images. There could be variance from the fact that one was the front door and the other the rear, meaning the lighting would have been slightly different (though it was a cloudy day and the light seemed pretty consistent to me).

    I just wanted you to know that there was no altering of the images and I did my absolute best to accurately represent both products (keeping the camera steady, trying not to shade the shot in any way, etc).

  • taylor

    Nice and interesting article through which i gained a lot of information.

  • George Rowe

    I know this review is for Turtle Wax Ice Polish, but would like to chime in on another Turtle Wax product, Turtle Wax Ice Car Wash.

    I use Zaino Z-2 on my two Cadillacs, it works great; easy on and easy off. I do not bother with all of the “extra” procedures, and it still works great.

    I recently tried Turtle Wax Ice Car Wash, wow what a finish it leaves, my cars gleam, and stay that way for a long time. I have not tried Turtle Wax Ice Polish yet, but will likely pick some up to compare it with Zaino.


  • James Urban

    There are many products on the market that look better than Zaino after initial application (due to the level of silicone in the other product). ICE is almost pure silicone. Anyone who knows why people choose products with silicone in them is that they “shine like crazy” but unfortunately THEY DONT” LAST. Where Zaino wins is in durability. The ICE will cost you more (time and product) in the long run because you have to continue to re-apply. I’m talking AFTER TWO WASHES; any protection and shine your car had IS GONE. I thought ICE looked a little better in the pictures BUT if the test had used Z-8 instead of Z-6, Zaino would have won hands-down. Z-8 by itself on a washed vehicle probably would have looked about the same as ICE and would have probably lasted as long as the ICE. The bottom line is…ICE IS A JOKE and not worth your time!!! Customers realize that after they spend the $40+ on the products and will eventually go to something else.

  • A. Moiz Penkar

    Thanks for a wonderful comparison. My conclusion is that in absence of Zaino, I should be buying TW! In my part of the world only limited car care products are available (like Formula1, Cosmic, Soft99 and Turtle Wax)

  • Devin

    Well I for one use ICE wax. My family just recently bought a 1993 BMW (we moved to germany) and I became disgusted with the way the paint looked.
    I got a container of the PASTE WAX (I never like liquid polish, paste requires more rubbing, thus cleaner surface)
    The applicator pad was so dirty from the gunk the wax cleaned out that I had to get a new one before I even reached the trunk of the car.

    You could clearly see a difference between the waxed side and the not side…
    it’s a deep, clear, SMOOTH finish.

    Also, ICE has an interior cleaner, kicks the pants off of armorall..

  • Sarah

    I would just like to point out that you applied the Zaino wrong. You NEVER apply it in a circular motion. It should be applied in a straight motion from front to back (of the car) on the hood, roof, and trunk and up and down on the side panels. The Zaino products are based on using them the way the instructions say in order to receive the finish they promise. I have used every product imaginable on my 2007 Lexus IS350 and must say Zaino is by FAR the best i have ever tried. With that said, if you are going to invest your time and money into Zaino car polish, at least use it the correct way so you will get the true results.

  • Frank Mitchell

    Forget Zaino and the TW Ice. I have found Lucas Spray Mist to out perform them and anyother product. It is made by the Lucas Oil products folks. Google Lucas Spray Mist to find out where you can get some. Like the TW Ice, it leaves no white residue. I used it on my new Honda Accord, navy blue and it makes the shine pop out at you and from a great distance.

  • Jeff

    I have used both Zaino and ICE and I agree that the Zaino was not applied properly. But, the ICE was not applied properly either. It was over applied as shown in the picture. It is to be applied sparingly, not as thick and wet as it was. This is why the comment was made that it was still wet when the buffing was taking place. In this case, the over applied area buffing was getting rid of the extra and leaving a small film on the car. This is how it should be applied from the start. Now is when you take the microfiber cloth and buff to get the best shine. So it would appear from these pictures that the ICE should have been buffed a second time due to the over application of product.

  • Al

    I’m extremely disappointed w/ TW Ice. It left a film on my cat twice. I thought I had applied it wrong the 1st time so about a week later I re-washed and re-applied the product. It absolutely is the WORST product I ever used! I guess I’m stick to the old carnuba waxes or more notable name brands from here on forward. Lesson Learned!

    Ice liquid wax however works great on tires, wheels and just about everything other than paint. GO FIGURE!

  • Chuck

    Thanks for the review, I was considering trying TW ice for my “01” suburban, which still has a great finish, typical wear and tear scratches. I think I’ll stick to nufinish till I run out, then I’ll try this Zaino, I’ve never heard of it till now.

  • Rick Lindsay

    Excellent review, not the usual marketing hype common to Google, Yahoo!, etc. links. Well done. Thank you.

    -rick / houston, tx

  • Alex Leighton

    ICE has been really durable for me, I applied it before the last winter (living in Toronto, Ontario) and drove it all winter and in the spring it was still there, and it creates a great look for my car.

  • Don

    Never have used Zaino because TW Ice has done such a good job on both my cars (I’ve never used it on my cat though, Al), and I hardly work up a sweat.

  • George Miller

    I tried the ICE and could not get the product to dry. The instructions state that after applying the liquid allow it to dry to a haze, about 3-5 minutes. I live in S. Florida and even left the car in the sun and the ICE would not dry, leaving horrible streaks that could not be buffed out. I ended up waxing the car using standard wax and buffer.

    Unless I bought a “bad bottle”, the product did not work for me and created more of a headache.

  • Fix

    I’ve been using the complete kits from zaino for a while. And I’m not sure your review is entirely accurate, or unbiasd for that matter. in fact from your pictures, Its very difficult to tell the better shine due to lighting differnce and quality of the cam… I’ve used on request TW ice on one of my long time cliants, who consistantly enters car shows…

    I stripped his vehicle completely down from previous wax jobs, and after one go around with TW ice, i noticed a major improvement… after another coat, his shine surpassed all previous wax jobs. a day later, he won 1st place in several catagorys…

  • Wax Wars

    I thought it was unbiased and the lighting was as good as it could be for this trial and did show a clear difference. I tried both I would not say that the zaino is overwhelming better but it does look better or clearer/deeper this is on black car. The Ice never seemed to dry/set right and that’s in 107 degree temps in shade and when applying seemed like I was putting on axle grease on my car. It’s not for me anyway. So the wars go on.

  • Dont Worryboutit

    Get a freakin life.

  • VetNutJIm

    Thanks for taking the time to do the test. Please ignore the azzhole comments left by some idiots…..

    I’ve done my own Zaino test. Zaino vs. MeGuiars NXT.
    My test involved reading signs and a wall clock numbers in the reflection of both polishes.
    I polished the two sides of my Corvette’s hoods with these two products following the directions in both cases. I stripped the wax with Dawn Dishwashing detergent and applied Zaino to one half, NXT to the other.
    Zaino showed a clear superiority to the MeGuiars NXT…. and BTW, I’m a true blue fan of Barry MeGuair am am certifiably ‘car crazy.

    So it’s ZAINO for me. I’m NOT happy with their distribution method however. I’d love to be able to go down to Wallywurld and get Zaino.

    Oh, did I say what an amazing good SMELL Zaino has?
    I love the way it makes my paint shine and I love the smell, too.

  • tbear

    Owns a Caddy for summer and a phone cam is the best he uses for a demo?

    Just asking?

    Does sound like the Ice was over applied if it stayed wet in 107 degrees. It is stated it can be applied in sun, so heat does not dry it, only sparse application. A little goes a long way.

    I liked the old Liquid Glass, but Ice goes on easier, comes off some easier, lasts, can be built up as well, and leaves no white residue. I don’t know the Zaino, but buying an exclusive product does not guarantee anything but hassles getting more on short notice when the bottle runs dry.

    Please though, if anyone duplicates this …. use a real camera.

  • tbear

    Oh yeah, forgot to add, to remove swirls or streaks from over application, use a “just damp” cloth. It will not remove the application, just the excess on top.

  • KB

    There are too many people on here that do not know quite how to detail a car. preparation is key to a good finish.
    first off, assuming that your paint does not have too many swirls, scratches etc is to wash your car with a quality wash, finishkare is what i use. followed by claying, then washing again to remove any contaminants that may be left on the paint after claying, then drying, then polishing and then LSP, or as most detailers call it, last stage protecction, ie wax or sealant.
    TW Ice is a sealant and will NOT polish a car, you will have to use another product like Auto glym SRP or similar.
    once you have polished then you can add your wax or sealant, only two coats though as it has been proved that additional coats in excess of 2 coats do not make a difference.
    if this process is carried out then you will get a good result.
    TW Ice is quality stuff, which i have used extensivly on my cars and my parents cars. it is very easy to apply and buffs of very easily, leaving a really nice finish. best of all, it leaves no white residue anywhere and no dust, brilliant!!
    before anyone says have you tried this and that, YES, i have used megs 16, coly 476, FK1000p, FK2685pw, optiseal, Dodo waxes to name but a few and i still think TW Ice is the best of the lot to apply and has a great finish, certainly comparable to the other products i have used.
    It also compares in the durablity stakes, though FK1000p is better in the endurance tests. And this is in typical Engish weather, rain, rain and more rain!!
    So to cap it all, YES, TW Ice is a great product and i would recommend this to anyone

  • tom garrette

    ice is the best polish i have ever used goes on & off very easy and my truck shines like new moneythere is nothing to compare it to. it is the best………..

  • Mark Powley

    The TW Ice products are inexpensive and easy to use. Wipe on /wipe off in the sun, no residue anywhere. A nice simple paint protection system.
    My corvettes, trucks and motorcycles look great! I have never used Zaino but I have seen it on cars and it is an excellent product. I just do not want to have to work that hard to put a quality finish protection on my car. I see that you need to speed up the cross linking of some product with the ZFX addition to quicken the cure time. Why bother with messing around even more?
    Keep it simple, Ice it up!

  • Gustavo Jara

    TW Ice for was a waste of money!! I never see any shining at all!!! The only thing you get when buy this product is remorse!!

  • Geek

    First, let’s all recognize that by searching this topic we all have a form of OCD and are in search of the holy grail. Wax versus non-wax (whatever you want to call it) the objective is to protect the paint and make it shine First and simply the non wax products provided a better level (longer lasting) protection to your car finish and if that is a subject of debate stop reading and move on. Second, wax apparently is viewed by some real nerds as providing a richer warmer shine than non wax. Ater more than a decade of using both I have to admit I cannot tell the difference and I do spend more time on my car’s than a sane person should. Clar bars, paint cleaner, power buffer, micro fibre, yup been there done that. Finally the non-wax products. I have tried a large number of them and in the final analysis all do a great job. I do a total job cleaning my cars (3 of them) 4 times a year. I have done 1 side with 1 product and the other side with another and could never see a difference. I have used the expensive brands and the lower priced items and frankly there is no huge difference

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  • marty

    iv’e been using ice paste for a long time, and love it. i know it is a synthetic wax, but the person that wrote that it will only last a short time(2 washes) is out of his mind. i do wax my pearl white cts often though. actually the car will shine more after the first wash rather than right after it’s been waxed. try it. i take it off with a orbital buffer. i recently went over a fresh wax job with ice liquid thinking it would come off easier, boy was i wrong. i thought i would never get this stuff off. i wasted my money on the liquid, i’m afraid to use it again. and to the person who said the zaino shouldn’t be applied in circles, i think zaino (they say) is supposed to be taken OFF horizontally, i remember reading that on their site years ago. you should apply in circles to fill all the crevices. even when you do glass, circles first, then wipe dry

  • marty

    i’ve never tried zanio, bc after reading all the steps, it just seemed like the shine came from applying multiple coats of wax, paste then spray, then more paste. i have tried almost every store brand, and will stick with ice for the shine, and price. and if you don’t like waxing, it does last(paste) a long time.

  • Bib Tester from Carhartt

    I just got done with daily 1 continuous month of car wash by a very good detailer,talk about obsesessive compulsive about a clean car. The whole month of June in chicago was virtually rain free car looked great until 103 degree day and that means bad , bad storms a comin’
    shure enough blew like the dicken’s along with hail. My car has divots on the surface and wonder if I can hide them anyway with a polish?
    Any help is appreciated. I already bought ICE Premium Care detailer and Ice Premium Care wax but have not applied either. I’m disabled so my car takes some of my time every day, I’m very distraught about the hail then I think why did I buy ”ICE”.

    Thanks Much Beforehand

    Just a Bib Tester from Chicago

  • Tony

    TW Ice should be applied and rubbed out while still wet. It is almost like an oil coating being applied. If it is rubbed out quickly you should see a big difference.

  • dog1net

    I first tried Zaino in 2003 on a Chevy Cavalier I had purchased. I had used different car care products before, spend hours getting a nice shine, and then end up disappointed after it rained. Nothing I had put on my car before lasted. Zaino changed all that. It not only lasted but had amazing durability, even during the winter months. Sand and road salt film? Not a problem. Simple car wash and the film would come right off. Nobody could figure out how I could have a car with an amazing shine on it during the middle of January. Almost ten years later, and I am still solid on Zaino. I have a 2010 Nissan Altima that looks like glass. Rains here quite a lot in Houston, and when it does, my car ends up looking like it just had another wash & wax job. Quite simply, there is no other car product on the market that can come even close to matching Zaino on a deep shine with lasting durability.


    I have a 15 year old Wellcraft boat that lives outside. THE BOAT LOOKS NEW, I HAD OFFERS TO BUY IT. I used ICE PASTE with Ecxcellent results,Ice spray looks good when applied buy it does not hold up for long. I cant locate any Ice Pastewax anywere. I “E”mailed TW twice and never got an answer I NEED ICE PASTE WAX!

  • tomcj2

    I tried for a month to locate TW Paste Ice. I finally bought it online at Amazon. It probably cost less than if a store stocked it.

  • Ben Leone

    Ice is crap. Cant even be compared to Zaino on any level. Been using Zaino for over five years along with other high end products such as Wolfgang and Menzerna.

  • Ben Leone

    I build my detail to hold up for SIX full months. Zaino is one of the best products out there. I have tested them all. I have been detailing SINCE 1969. I have seen many come and go. Zaino is a main stay, that is for sure. I had a bottle of Ice turn from Clear to dark brown which reminded me of —-. Be well! Remember, you get what you pay for! Paintxpert! Shine Since 1969

  • Dan Rice

    I don’t know to use ice polish or ice wax on my new black car. I guess I will wax every 2-3 months and polish twice a year. Should I wax right before or after applying ice polish for best results. Thanx

  • dog1net

    Hi, Dan:

    With a brand new car, you would be wasting your time with Ice. Zaino car care products are far superior to anything else available on the market. What I love about Zaino the most, aside from the mirror-like shine I get, is its long lasting durability. I first started using Zaino ten years ago and haven’t looked back since. First tried it on my 2003 Chevy Cav coupe I bought brand new, and now I have it on my 2010 Nissan Altima Coupe I bought brand new. After I do the initial prep, I build up to six coats. After that, I put a maintenance coat once a year. Doesn’t look like it needs it when I do, but I do it just to make sure I’m not losing my base. Zaino also doesn’t fade or leave water spots after it rains, and it does pretty good with repelling dust. Car washes are easy. Most times, all it takes is a quick car wash. Use a California water wand to dry your car. Ten minutes of effort and it looks like you spend a whole day on your car. If you want to see what a car really looks like that’s tricked out on Zaino, send me your email, and I will send you pictures.

  • RIF

    Thanks for the demo! I sure would like to see a durability challenge. Are you up for it?

  • gary0033

    Very, very helpful!

  • TDW

    I’ve been using Zaino product for about 8 years. you can’t beat the durability and the longevity.

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The folks at Motor Trend decided to put the new CTS-V through its paces in a couple motorsports settings.  Enjoy. 

Learn About Performance Driving in the ATS-V

Motor trend and their captive racing driver Randy Pobst have put together a short course on shifting on the track.  […]

CT6 Priced and is Relative Bargain


After seeing recent sedans priced right on top of the competition and not getting traction in the marketplace, Cadillac has […]

XT5 to Debut at Both Dubai and LA Auto Shows


Cadillac has confirmed that the replacement for the SRX, the first utility vehicle to carry Cadillac’s new XT nomenclature, the […]

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