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Cadillac exec confirms sub-CTS model and STS/DTS replacement

Update: has posted this article describing the same thing – and they include a sketch of what such a car might look like.

Despite’s reference to the STS/DTS replacement being due in 2007 – an obvious typo – this article confirms the Alpha-based sub-CTS family of models are still on their way.

In this economy, this is good news. Cadillac exec confirms sub-CTS model and STS/DTS replacement

Cadillac’s Alpha sedan on the way…with 4-cylinder power

I’ve seen this posted about in several places with lots of negative spin…so now it’s time for the official Caddy Edge take on the news…

Essentially, the mainstream automotive press has caught on that Cadillac is working on a sub-CTS sedan to replace the current Epsilon (front drive) BLS in Europe and to sell in the US as well. This model will be based on GM’s new Alpha platform (itself partially based on the components of the Kappa platform (Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky) and the larger Zeta platform (Pontiac G8, etc). You may notice that this is nothing we haven’t talked about here for months…welcome to the party guys. 😉

Given that this car is expected to be a much closer match, size-wise, to the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class, etc. it is not surprising that a high-powered 4-cylinder might be a great entry-level engine. We’d expect this to be a version of the direct-injection 2.0l Ecotech that currently does duty in the Solstice GXP and Sky Red Line. Pumping out at least 260hp – this would give the Alpha cars great fuel economy with all the power that a Cadillac deserves.

Note, this is all a far cry from the Cimarron that Cadillac sold years ago (itself little more than a dressed-up Chevy Cavalier). Somehow the press has latched onto the idea that 4-cylinder = cheap, unrefined, imitation Cadillac – even though you never hear the same criticism leveled at Audi’s excellent turbo, direct-injection 2.0l in the A3 or A4.

I guess taking the cheap Cimarron shot was just too easy.

Will MPG requirements hurt the future of Cadillac

With rising gas prices and increases in CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards set to take effect in the coming decade, the future of Cadillac’s products is in doubt.

Rumors are swirling that the STS/DTS replacement (both cars were to be replaced with a single uber-model to compete against BMW’s 7-series and Mercedes S-Class), expected to be built on a premium version of GM’s new Zeta rear-drive chassis, has been canceled. The next Escalade is up in the air. Smaller products are being considered that might never have been before.

This casts doubt onto the direction Cadillac might take in the future. Will they continue on their quest to go toe-to-toe with the luxury industry heavyweights model for model (and with the new regulatory climate, what does that mean)? Will they dial back their ambition and compete with the second tier of the luxury market? Will they find their own, distinctive, path?

Let’s take a look at what will and might happen at Cadillac in the near future: Continue Reading →

Rendering of new Alpha-based Cadillac

The Hollywood Extra automotive blog has snagged this rendering of what we might expect the rear-drive, BLS’ replacement to look like.

Again, this car would be, unlike the current BLS, rear-drive and based on GM’s new smaller-sized rear drive chassis – the Alpha.

This platform will be shared with the new, rear-drive replacement for Pontiac’s mid-sized sedan/coupe (the G6). Given that the Pontiac that Alpha will replace is currently available in sedan, coupe, and convertible – it is likely that an Alpha-based Cadillac could see a similar range of body styles (the better to compete against the BMW’s and Mercedes in this segement that are available in at least sedan, coupe, convertible, and wagons.

THE: New small Cadillac for 2011

Cadillac confirms unified STS/DTS and strongly hints at sub-CTS model

Jim Taylor, Cadillac General Manager, in a recent interview with Automotive News, has confirmed that GM is looking strongly at a few products that have been rumored for some time.

First of all, in response to what they are terming ‘shrinkage’ in the segments occupied by the current STS and DTS, Taylor admitted that “we don’t need two entries there anymore”. This pretty much confirms along with his later confirmation that, in AN’s words “the idea of a flagship sedan for Cadillac is still alive.”

So, expect a 7-series/S-Class competitor from Cadillac in a few years.

Also confirmed was that Cadillac is seriously looking at a sub-CTS model since the brand image of Cadillac is sufficiently strong enough now to survive a 28k+ product slotted below the CTS. This all but confirms previous rumors that a rear-drive ‘alpha’ chassis based sedan is in the works to better compete head-to-head with the 3-series BMW (leaving the CTS to go up-market toward the 5-series that it better matches, size-wise).

I, personally, would be all over a smaller Cadillac with a sportier angle than the current CTS. How about a coupe version as well?

Expect an Alpha-based car to debut early in the next decade (as a 2011-12 model).

BLS Wagon debuts at Frankfurt autoshow

UPDATE: We’ve updated the BLS image gallery with pictures of the new BLS Wagon. Enjoy.

BLSWagonRearAs expected, last week Cadillac unveiled the BLS Wagon (Cadillacs first wagon ever).

Wagons are much more popular in Europe than in the US/Canada and this additional model should help bolster Cadillacs European push.

See the press release below:
Continue Reading →

Today’s news about future Cadillac product

Automotive News has managed to get a lot of auto blogs buzzing about the future of Cadillac.

Cadillac CrestThey are repeating what has been said for a while that a new small, rear-drive sedan is on the way, a small SUV is coming too (BRX), that the SRX is likely to be dropped, the DTS/STS are going to be merged.

However, they really botch their projected new lineup by saying the STS/DTS replacement will compete against the 5-series. This doesn’t make a lick of sense since rumors up to this point all point to the CTS moving up-market, the alpha-based BLS taking the CTS’ place as the 3-series competitor, and the STS/DTS replacement going after the BMW 7-series/Mercedes S-Class.

At this point, I think the only real question is if the SRX will get a more SUV-esque replacement with the CTS wagon taking the car-like, mid-sized utility segment or if the SRX will just go away altogether.

We should start to get some more concrete news out of Cadillac in the next year or so (since the rumored product should debut as 2010-2012 model year.

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