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Lambda-Based ‘Escalade’ Scrapped

Cadillac has been considering a unibody crossover based on GM’s Lambda platform (Chevy Traverse, Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia) for some time.

Lambda CadillacRumor had them waiting for the next major re-engineering of the platform so they could have more freedom to add power trains beyond the current chassis’ 3.6 V-6.

There were even rumors that they would abandon the body-on-frame chassis and badge the new entry Escalade.

However, latest rumors have Cadillac management walking away from that plan largely due to expectations that they would be too late to that party to be a serious player.

So, with this change, we expect an ATS-based small crossover, the SRX, and the Escalade to be Cadillac’s ultimate people-mover lineup.

Expect the new small entry and new SRX to bow in the next 2-3 years.


GMI Re-Envisions the Cadillac Lineup – Part I

If you don’t already follow the folks over at GM Inside News, you should. In a world where GM product often gets a barely concealed sneer from critics and the press – these guys love the company and their products deeply.

However this doesn’t mean that they don’t see plenty of room for improvement – witness their recent ‘Revitalization in Action’ series where they not only describe, but design their dream lineup for each of GM’s brands.

Up this time around is Cadillac – which is what gets our attention. This is the post we would make if only we had the ability to render our dreams of a future line of cars that we think would put the brand firmly on top.

So, in the truest expression of the critique – we here at the will give our 2¢ on all their hard work without actually creating anything ourselves. 😉

Seriously – great work guys.

Ideas for the brand:

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Sneak Peak of 2010 SRX at Pebble Beach

2010 SRXCadillac surprised us all this morning with a photo spread and details on the new 2010 SRX crossover and CTS Sport Wagon – two complementary products that replace the current SRX.

The unveiling will take place this weekend at Pebble Beach.

2010 SRX

2010 SRX

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Cadillac announces future product in GM announcement

Update: GM released a clearer picture of the 2010 SRX – replaced the blurry version fron Jalopnik.

GM, a company that is seeing the many changes in the US and world market that are hurting its profitability, took the chance on Tuesday to show off that they are far from out of competition.

2010 SRXOn the Cadillac front, the new CTS Coupe and Wagon were announced – the wagon for spring 2009, the coupe for summer 2009.

In addition, the new Theta Premium based crossover – which had been called everything from the BRX, the BTX, and most recently the SRX – was actually shown on screen with the confirmed name of SRX. We should expect it in the first half of 2009.

It appears that the next 12 months are going to be pretty exciting for all of us as the new CTS models and the SRX join the soon-to-be-released CTS-V.

BRX’s newest rumored name?…SRX

Rumors have swirled for several months about the new, Theta premium-based crossover that Cadillac has been working on (and previewed with their Provoq concept earlier this year). The least known part is what the vehicle will be called.

MotorTrend started out calling the vehicle the BRX. A spied trademark filing by GM suggested that BTX might be the real name. Now, Edmunds InsideLine has found sources that suggest a name has been selected…SRX.

Given that this was to, in essence replace the SRX in the crossover space (while the new CTS wagon replaced the SRX in the sporty hauler arena) this makes a bit of sense. Conjecture that the name would change was based in the fact that the SRX has never set the sales charts on fire…though the name does have some equity, which Cadillac will capitalize on with the new truck-let.

Expect the new SRX to debut in 2009 as a 2010 model.

BRX/BTX/Provoq production interior spied

The good folks at LLN have spotted, via handy telephoto lense, some of the interior of the Theta Premium-based crossover that we’ve all be calling the BRX/BTX (latest I’ve seen in the name guessing game for this model is CTX)…

BTX DashNow, we have an idea of the CTS-inspired dash that will make it into production (if you go back to our Provoq concept photos, you’ll see that this looks like exactly the dash from the concept – right down to the single, round center gauge pod.

Check out the entire photo over at: 2010 Cadillac BRX spied again (this time with an interior photo!)

BTX shows its grill

Leftlane News has spotted Cadillac’s new small SUV flashing its grill-work and showing a lot of similarities to the Provoq concept from this years Detroit auto show.

2010 BTXBuilt off GM’s Premium Theta (which, according to LLN, is packing some parts from GM’s Epsilon mid-size car chassis as well), the BRX (we hear it will be BTX) will share this high-end version of Theta with Saab’s new 9-4x crossover.

Both should reach production late in 2009 as 2010 model year vehicles.

Check out LLN’s spy shots and their opinion on what we’re seeing here at:

Leftlane 2010 Cadillac BRX sheds some disguise [Spied Again]

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