Cadillac ‘LTS’ to be Built in Detroit Starting 4Q2015

Cadillac LTSRecently, we found out that Cadillac would be showing off their new flagship car at the New York Auto Show in April.  Now, Cadillac has announced not only the production timeframe but also the factory that will be tasked with building the new car.

GM’s recent $384 Million investment in their Detroit-Hamtramck plant, that also builds the Cadillac ELR among other GM products, will enable the factory to produce the new flagship starting in the 4th quarter of 2015.

Built on GM’s new Omega platform, designed exclusively for this uber-Cadillac, the new car’s name will be announced in the coming months (though rumors abound of it being called ‘LTS’).  Additionally, Cadillac confirmed that the new car, expected to be a large 4-door sedan, will slot above the XTS in the lineup.  For at least some time, the XTS will remain (likely as a hedge against seeing a drop in overall sales to Cadillac traditionalists if the XTS disappeared).

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Cadillac Wants to but May Not Build Elmiraj Coupe

The good folks at got to speak to head of GM Design Ed Welburn about the possibility that the Elmiraj Coupe would see its way to Cadillac showrooms.

Cadillac Elmiraj ConceptIt is clear that Cadillac leadership would love to bring the car to market as a companion to the expected S-Class sedan fighter (rumored to be called LTS). However, Cadillac is making very careful use of GM resources to first get cars to market that will be profitable and contribute heavily to the GM bottom line.

This is why we hear that an ATS-based small crossover, below the SRX, is well into development. A small crossover might not bring in the big sacks of cash, per sale, that a halo coupe like the Elmiraj would, but makes up for it by selling in larger numbers. And, if there is anything that will give us the Cadillacs we want later, it is models now that keep the company profitable enough to fund fun models later.

But, don’t expect us to like it.


Cadillac Elmiraj Appears in Jay Leno’s Garage

It’s hard to tell if Jay Leno has a thing for GM or if GM has a thing for Jay. For whatever reason, Jay seems to get access to the latest and greatest GM has to offer (lately he has driven the Corvette Stingray, the yet to be released ELR, and now he gets time with head of GM design Ed Welburn and the new Cadillac Elmiraj concept.

Check out his impressions below:

Cadillac Tips its Hand with New Elmiraj Concept

Cadillac Elmiraj ConceptCadillac debuted at the Pebble Beach Concours their strongest indication yet of the future of the brand. The Elmiraj name is a dual nod toward the classic El Dorado as well as to the El Mirage dry lake in California.

The car itself, though, is a nod to something much more interesting. Though only having two doors, it doesn’t take much squinting to see how this previews the upcoming 7-Series/S-Class competitor. Additionally, this car carries Cadillac’s now wreath-less logo (and a grill design that closely mirrors the silhouette of said shield).

As if that wasn’t enough, this concept packs the first iteration of a previously unknown and unrumored 4.5l twin-turbo V-8 packing upwards of 500hp. No word from Cadillac if this is the successor to the former overhead cam Northstar V-8 that GM shelved years ago or if this is a version of GM small-block. Displacement suggests that this is the former (taking a small-block down in displacement would be fairly inefficient given its fixed bore spacing would mean a large amount of extra metal between smaller cylinders.

Cadillac suggests that the engine shares tech with the 3.6l twin-turbo V-6 – but a 60-degree V-8 would be unorthodox…and 4.5l would suggest shared parts with an unknown 3.4l version of the 6. The technologies likely shared are the turbo system design and overhead cams with variable valve timing and direct injection. Given this soft debut, we’d expect additional details to hit soon – perhaps at the LA or Detroit auto shows this fall/winter.