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2014 Cadillac CTS Named Motor Trend Car of the Year

20131107-063039.jpgMotor Trend has announced that the 3rd generation CTS has won their coveted ‘Car of the Year’ award.

This is the second win for the CTS (it also took the nod with the 2008/2nd generation design as well).

This quote sums up why MT awarded the CTS this time around:


Congrats to Cadillac and the CTS team.


Elmiraj Concept – 4.5l OHC Turbo V-8?

Automobile Magazine was able to get a new detail about the engine that is hidden away (in theory) beneath the hood of the Elmiraj concept that Cadillac displayed at the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours. Where we heard that the engine was simply a 4.5l twin turbo V-8, Automobile is reporting that the engine is also overhead cam in design.

Cadillac Elmiraj ConceptThis eliminates the only V-8 currently offered in Cadillacs, the GM small block used in the CTS-V models.

Could Cadillac be bringing back the shelved replacement for the Northstar? That engine was supposedly well into development when GM decided to focus on direct injection V-6 and later turbo-charged variants.

Could a turbo V-8 be the mainstream engine for the Elmiraj’s production version (widely expected to be the S-Class/7-Series fighter based on GM’s Omega platform…yes, Cadillac will cheekily bookend their models with Alpha and Omega)? If so, would it be safe to assume the turbo V-8 would be the next CTS-V’s power plant of choice? Doing so would give the V-Series models an engine from the next model up’s lineup. ATS-V with the CTS vSport turbo V-6 with the CTS-V getting the Omega’s turbo V-8 (and the Omega likely not getting a true V-Series model.

We should see more hints at Omega, its power train offerings, as well as future V-Series models in the coming year.


2014 Cadillac CTS Configurator Online

Cadillac has put the configuration (build your own) page up at

2014 Cadillac CTS ConfiguratorStarting at $45100 for the 2.0T model and running up to $59995 for a base vSport, the new CTS is both larger and priced higher than the car it replaces. We were able to price one all the way up to over $73k by selecting the vSport Premium with up-charge paint and interior trimmings.

So, how high can -you- get a new CTS priced. Is it too much for what is offered or is Cadillac finally acknowledging the value the CTS presents in this segment?

How much would a CTS to your specifications cost? What would be your pick of model, features, and options?

Source: 2014 CTS Page

September 2013 Cadillac Sales

As you can see here, Cadillac is still selling quite a few of their cars with the brand up 9.9%. Largely this is due to the ATS which saw a 348% increase that helped offset sales drops for the CTS and Escalade EXT.

In this chart, column 1 is the Sept 2013 sales, col 2 is Sept 2012, 3rd col is the percentage change.

In the latter half of the chart we have Jan-Sept 2013, followed by Jan-Sept 2012, and the percent change.



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2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport Circles the ‘Ring in 8:14.10

2014 Cadillac CTS VsportIt wasn’t that many years ago that the CTS-V set a scorching lap-time at the fabled Nurburgring, in Germany of 7 minutes 59 seconds. Set by a 556hp monster of a car, it was/is decidedly not a Cadillac suited for most customers.

Enter the new Vsport trim, introduced with the 2014 CTS, packs a twin-turbo 3.6l V-6 with 420hp and an automatic transmission only (8-speeds, in this case) is aimed at CTS buyers that want sporty but not as hard an edge as the V-series model.

So, what does an automatic and 130hp fewer get you on the 12.9 miles and 154 turns of the ‘Ring?

8 minutes, 14.10 seconds. So, 15 seconds slower.

Seems to us that the Vsport is quite the car, but also it suggests some amazing things about the upcoming CTS-V (if it comes to market with similar power as before, it should destroy the previous V’s time along with the times of many other uber-sedans from the competition.

However, the Vsport also previews Cadillac’s new, higher price-point for the CTS. Vsports start at $59995 – or barely 3000 under the current CTS-V. This suggests the next V will be running in the 70k+ range to start. Not quite the bargain as before, but it will give the ATS some breathing room (the current CTS and the new ATS are way too close in price and size – the new CTS is bigger and the price-tag reflects that as well)

Similarly, we expect the ATS-V, which should pack its own version of the twin-turbo 3.6 will run sub-8 minute times as well.

It’s a good time to be shopping sporty Cadillacs.

Check out videos of the Vsport below:

Next CTS Pricing Announced

Cadillac has announced pricing for the next CTS and its higher than before…$7000 more to start.

20130613-232113.jpgThis is in keeping with the CTS’ new mission to take the right directly to the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class. The CTS starts at $46025 with destination. This undercuts BMW by $1800 and Mercedes by almost $5900.

The base CTS comes with the same turbo, direct injection engine as the mid-tier ATS. The new CTS will also offer the option of a non-turbo 3.6l V-6 as well.

Step up to the twin-turbo 3.6, and the CTS (known as vSport) will start at $59995, undercutting comparable 5′s and E’s by about $2000.

Lighter than the competition, matching on size and technology, and significantly cheaper? Sounds like the new CTS will do well in the market when it goes on sale in the fall.

ATS Coupe Spied

Well, that didn’t take that long.

We have been speculating lately about the nature of a coupe offering from Cadillac on the Alpha chassis and how they might choose to follow the Audi model of building a model sized between Alpha (ATS) and Alpha+ (CTS) to allow the styling of the current CTS coupe to continue. The assumption we were going on was that ATS was too small to support the rakish lines of the CTS coupe and the new CTS is too large to carry a coupe offering without looking somewhat cartoonish.

Cadillac ATS CoupeNow we have this spy shot of what seems to be an ATS coupe in the flavor of a BMW 3-Series coupe with a unique roofline, but maintaining the headroom of the sedan. In other words, trade the show-car good looks and roofline of the CTS coupe for the practicality needed in an ATS-sized model.

Of course, we will need to see further spy shots in the future to help dial in if this is merely a coupe-ified ATS or a more unique model. Given the level of finish on this car, we’d expect a coupe to hit next year, possibly as a 2014.

Source: Autoweek

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