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Cadillac Sees Sales Increase in October Thanks to ATS and XTS

GM has released results of their October sales and Cadillac is up 14.5% over last October. However, there are interesting points to pull out of the sales data that show that the XTS and ATS are helping cover for significant softness in older products.

For instance, the CTS is down by 1574 units (40.2%) year over year while the Escalade (due for replacement in about a year) is down 20.6%, heavily weighted-down by a 30% drop in the non-ESV/non-EXT variants.

Loss of the 477 Escalade units, 1574 CTSes, as well as 403 DTSes and 179 STSes is offset by a solid 2540 XTS and 1266 ATS that are both probably pulling some sales from CTS though exact impact is hard to calculate from this data.

SRX, which is in the middle of its cycle but just got a freshening is showing some strength with a 10.8% bump (537 units up from last year). If ever you wanted to know what the emphasis on crossovers is about – check out how the SRX is actually Cadillac’s strongest seller by over 2:1 over the second best-selling XTS.

Below is the sales data released by GM for the Cadillac brand. Columns in this table are: Model, Oct 2012 sales, Oct 2011 sales, % Change Oct 2012 vs 2011, ‘2012 Year-to-date (YTD)’, ‘2011 YTD’, and % Change 2012 vs 2011.

Cadillac jumps to 2nd place in luxury sales in February

Cadillac sales rose by 70% in February, speeding past the likes of Mercedes and perennial 1st place Lexus to take the second place luxury spot in the US market behind BMW.

A portion of the sales growth is due to increased sales of the SRX crossover and the DTS large sedan. The new SRX has been a huge success for Cadillac since it’s introduction over a year ago. The DTS is due to be phased out thus year along with the STS, both to be replaced by the new XTS large sedan (based on GM’s Epsilon II platform).

Incentives have made it easier for Cadillac intenders to finally pick up the car they’ve been wanting with lease deals on the CTS as low as $299/mo (lease deals are a major driver of luxury car sales in the US market).

Time will tell if this sales spike keeps Cadillac near the top in months to come as the US market recovers from the precious years’ economic downturn.

Source: Bloomberg

Northstar production to end in July 2010

Cadillac has been building the Northstar V-8 in various forms since 1992 – when it debuted in the 1993 Allante convertible.

Today is sees duty in the STS, DTS, and even in the top model of the Buick Lucerne.

We have known for some time that the Northstar was going away, especially in light of the 3.6l DI V-6 that puts out power nearly on par with the 4.6l Northstar. We also know that the plans for a high-tech V-8 to replace the Northstar have been shelved. What we didn’t know is exactly when the production would end.

It now appears that July 2010 will see the last Northstar produced. Continue Reading →

Will it never end? V-12 cancelled

I don’t know if this is surprising in the least, but the latest news is that Cadillac has quietly killed their plan to bring out a V-12 engine for their super-sedan.

SixteenGiven that they have already shelved the Northstar’s replacement, are getting V-8 levels of power from normally aspirated V-6’s with direct injection – it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine a dual-turbo DI V-6 putting out V-12 humbling power for the upcoming DTS/STS replacement (once that program gets back into gear).

Personally, I can’t see a downside to lighter, and therefore lighter on their feet, Cadillacs that sip fuel and provide all the power and luxury we’ve come to expect.

Bring it on!

Edmunds Inside Line: IL Insider: Cadillac Shelves the Twelve

Will MPG requirements hurt the future of Cadillac

With rising gas prices and increases in CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards set to take effect in the coming decade, the future of Cadillac’s products is in doubt.

Rumors are swirling that the STS/DTS replacement (both cars were to be replaced with a single uber-model to compete against BMW’s 7-series and Mercedes S-Class), expected to be built on a premium version of GM’s new Zeta rear-drive chassis, has been canceled. The next Escalade is up in the air. Smaller products are being considered that might never have been before.

This casts doubt onto the direction Cadillac might take in the future. Will they continue on their quest to go toe-to-toe with the luxury industry heavyweights model for model (and with the new regulatory climate, what does that mean)? Will they dial back their ambition and compete with the second tier of the luxury market? Will they find their own, distinctive, path?

Let’s take a look at what will and might happen at Cadillac in the near future: Continue Reading →

Cadillac takes top honors in AutoPacific VSA study

AutoPac VSAAutoPacific, the automotive research firm, has just published their latest Vehicle Satisfaction Awards list. This study is based on the opinions of actual owners of 2008 model year examples.

Cadillac took top honors in the respective segments of the Escalade, Escalade ESV, Escalade EXT, CTS, and DTS. This resulted in Cadillac, as a brand, being named the overall winner.

Way to go Cadillac!

Read all about it at:

VehicleVoice: AutoPacific Announces 2008 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Well, duh – Cadillac still planning on large, rear-drive sedan

The Car Connection has posted that they are hearing that Cadillac will be getting a version of the Zeta rear-drive architecture as a replacement for the STS and DTS in the not too distant future (2010-11 model year).

The only reason this is news is due to recent decisions by GM to cancel other Zeta-based cars due to the future CAFE standards that go into effect in 2020.

This will leave GM with only the new Camaro, the G8 sedan for Pontiac, a large Buick, and the new top Cadillac as the only US versions of the Australian designed and built Zeta.

Expect the Cadillac version to be powered by turbocharged and direct injected V-6 engines with both rear and all-wheel drive and to be priced competitively with the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class.

The Car Connection: GM Rear-Drive Plan Includes Big Cadillac, Big Buick

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