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Cadillac Takes ELR on a California Tour

Cadillac is taking their range extended show on the road in California in an effort to introduce trend setters to the benefits of GM’s take on electric-powered luxury.

The ELR will be available for test drives in an outdoor lounge setting where customers can learn about the coupé while enjoying refreshments.

Dates and locations are:

Los Angeles
May 3-4 The Grove
May 9-10 Americana at Brand
June 20 – 21 Dwell on Design

San Francisco Bay Area
May 15 Google Campus
May 17-18 Santana Row
May 24-25 Village at Corte Madera
June 7-8 Union Street Festival

Cadillac ELR Launch Lease Deal Announced

Cadillac is pushing the ELR hard recently with Olympic advertising to get the car into the hearts and minds of luxury buyers.

Now, Cadillac has dropped the other shoe with a fairly aggressive lease deal of 699/month for 39 months with 4900/down with a 32500-mile allowance (pretty low monthly miles given a normal driver will be closer to 1000 miles per month).

This should get the attention of some people who might balk at the payment on a $75000 electric.  Specifically, this beats the Tesla Model S pricing – which bases for a $71k 60kW model at almost $1300/month).  Figure a 60-month payment on an ELR would come close to $1500/month if financed conventionally. So, a $699 deal will certainly move quite a few of Cadillac’s sexy new coupe, and we are sure Cadillac hopes word of mouth will do the rest.

Cadillac ELR Ad

Airing during the Olympics is this 60-second spot that hammers home the work ethic of the US and parlays that into the reward that is the Cadillac ELR.

It will be interesting to watch and see if the message translates into sales.

Cadillac Aiming for Double-Digit Growth in 2014


2014 Cadillac ELRCadillac has officially told their dealers that they expect a 10+% growth in volume in 2014.

This is expected on the back of at least three new products, the ELR and ATS coupes as well as the new Escalade SUV.

Helping that goal is the fact that well over half (550 of 900) of Cadillac dealers have chosen to invest in the equipment and training to sell and service the new ELR range-extended electric. ELR started shipping to dealers earlier this month.

Additionally Cadillac has begun to offer $699/month lease deals on the $75995 ELR, which should help move a few into buyers’ hands.

Escalades are expected to hit showrooms in April and the ATS coupe will arrive this summer.

Cadillac ELR Coupes are on Their Way

Cadillac ELR Begins DeliveryGM announced today that production examples of the ELR coupe are on their way to the dealers.

Built at GM’s Hamtramck factory that also assembles the Chevrolet Volt that shares a similar chassis and power train, these initial shipments will be the first examples of the Cadillac ELR intended for customers (all the ones we’ve seen so far have been pre-production examples).

So, if you have $75k+ burning a hole in your pocket and you’d love the latest in electric most of the time/gas when you need it from General Motors – talk to your local Cadillac salesperson and let them know you want to see it when it gets in.

The Cadillac ELR is GM’s latest example of their electric range-extended vehicle technology and comes packed in unique Cadillac sheet metal with a full Cadillac interior with CUE infotainment as well as Cadillac exclusive features such as full-LED lighting and Cadillac’s suite of safety technology such as Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert, the Safety Alert Seat.

Source: GM Fastlane

Cadillac and Saks Fifth Avenue Unveil Limited Edition ELR

2014 Saks Cadillac ELRAs if the Cadillac ELR @ $76000 isn’t going to be exclusive enough, Cadillac announced today a cross-promotional arrangement with Saks Fifth Avenue to sell 100 limited-edition ELRs in White Diamond. Included is also a 240V Bosch charging station with installation service.

Orders will be taken at 855-SAKS-CAD starting on January 10, 2014 with delivery planned in March.

So, if you have been chomping at the bit for an even more exclusive electric Cadillac, warm up your dialing fingers.

2014 Cadillac ELR MSRP Set at $75000

Wow, we didn’t see that coming.

2014 Cadillac ELR Reservation E-MailWith the Chevy Volt, on which it is based, having a starting price of $34995 (after this years’ $5k price drop), we would have been comfortable predicting a starting price for the ELR in the mid $50000 range.

This even with its long list of upgrades such as a bespoke Cadillac interior with CUE, 20″ wheels, full LED lighting, uprated Voltec power train, and sexy sheet metal.

But, Cadillac released a reservation page for the new ELR today with a starting price (before tax incentives) of $75000 ($75995 with destination). Our jaw is understandably dropping at a 50% higher price than we expected.

So, what do -you- think? Is Cadillac justified in pricing the ELR higher than the base price of a Tesla Model S ($71k-ish)?

Source: Cadillac ELR Reservation Page

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