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Cadillac Sees Sales Increase in October Thanks to ATS and XTS

GM has released results of their October sales and Cadillac is up 14.5% over last October. However, there are interesting points to pull out of the sales data that show that the XTS and ATS are helping cover for significant softness in older products.

For instance, the CTS is down by 1574 units (40.2%) year over year while the Escalade (due for replacement in about a year) is down 20.6%, heavily weighted-down by a 30% drop in the non-ESV/non-EXT variants.

Loss of the 477 Escalade units, 1574 CTSes, as well as 403 DTSes and 179 STSes is offset by a solid 2540 XTS and 1266 ATS that are both probably pulling some sales from CTS though exact impact is hard to calculate from this data.

SRX, which is in the middle of its cycle but just got a freshening is showing some strength with a 10.8% bump (537 units up from last year). If ever you wanted to know what the emphasis on crossovers is about – check out how the SRX is actually Cadillac’s strongest seller by over 2:1 over the second best-selling XTS.

Below is the sales data released by GM for the Cadillac brand. Columns in this table are: Model, Oct 2012 sales, Oct 2011 sales, % Change Oct 2012 vs 2011, ‘2012 Year-to-date (YTD)’, ‘2011 YTD’, and % Change 2012 vs 2011.

Cadillac Flagship – thine name is Omega

The good folks over at GMI are reporting that a proper Cadillac flagship, high tech and rear drive like God intended a Cadillac to be, will hit production in 3-5 years.

Built on a new, heavily revised and aluminum intensive variant of the Zeta chassis internally known as Omega…the new car will displace the XTS which has apparently not exactly impressed GM management with it’s flagship cred.

This might mean Cadillac will position the XTS as more of a STS replacement rather than a flagship product, leaving room for the new car when it arrives a couple years later. If this is the case, we’ll go out on a limb and predict the XTS name might be supplanted by a return to the STS moniker to cement it’s lower than top dog position.

Depending on the front-driver’s ability to draw buyers, it likely will enjoy a short run before disappearing a year or so after the new Omega-based car bows.

Now, Cadillac, about that coupe version to hunt CL’s…

Source: GM Inside News

Cadillac to put turbo, direct-injection 2.0l 4 in Chinese SLS

You remember the SLS, don’t you? It is the Chinese-only version of our STS that gets a better interior and nearly 4 inches more length given almost entirely to the back seat. It satisfies a need that is unique to the Chinese market where the majority of people who can afford a Cadillac also employ a driver.

SLSWell, there is a tidbit about the SLS that comes to us courtesy of and suggests that a version of the GM 2.0l direct-injected, turbo 4-cylinder will be offered soon. If it packs the same punch as when put in the Opel Insignia also available in the Chinese market, it would supply about 220hp and more torque than the base V-6 currently offered.

It would allow Cadillac to offer higher fuel economy, in line with increasingly tight economy regs in China with similar performance to the current offerings.

It is unclear exactly when this engine will be offered for sale and if it will spell the end to the base V-6 offering (which would seem redundant once the turbo 4 is offered).

It is highly unlikely that Cadillac would make such a move in the US market with our reluctance to accept low cylinder counts in luxury models – despite the fact that the performance would likely match or exceed normally aspirated engines with more cylinders. However, no one would have predicted that the 3.6l DI V-6 would essentially have replaced the Northstar V-8 either, with the discontinuation of the V-8, it has.

Source: AutoEvolution

Northstar production to end in July 2010

Cadillac has been building the Northstar V-8 in various forms since 1992 – when it debuted in the 1993 Allante convertible.

Today is sees duty in the STS, DTS, and even in the top model of the Buick Lucerne.

We have known for some time that the Northstar was going away, especially in light of the 3.6l DI V-6 that puts out power nearly on par with the 4.6l Northstar. We also know that the plans for a high-tech V-8 to replace the Northstar have been shelved. What we didn’t know is exactly when the production would end.

It now appears that July 2010 will see the last Northstar produced. Continue Reading →

2011 STS no longer to offer Northstar V-8

STSGMI News is reporting that Cadillac is not listing a Northstar equipped level of the 2011 STS.

If this marks the end of the Northstar, it might also suggest that the DTS ends production at the end of the 2010 model year due to its only offering the Northstar.

We knew that the Northstar was near the end of its life, this just gives us the first sign that its end is near.


Cadillac exec confirms sub-CTS model and STS/DTS replacement

Update: has posted this article describing the same thing – and they include a sketch of what such a car might look like.

Despite’s reference to the STS/DTS replacement being due in 2007 – an obvious typo – this article confirms the Alpha-based sub-CTS family of models are still on their way.

In this economy, this is good news. Cadillac exec confirms sub-CTS model and STS/DTS replacement

Wards names 3.6 DI V6 to 10 best engines list

Wards has awarded the 3.6 direct injection V6 a spot on their 10 best engines list for the second year in a row.

The 3.6 DI does duty in the CTS, STS and several other GM products, each putting out upwards of 300+ hp.

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