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ATS to get both V-Series and V+ Models

File this under “doesn’t pass the sniff test” but we are passing it along all the same.

2015 ATS-V Coupe - courtesy is reporting that Cadillac plans not only the twin-turbo V-6 V-Series model, but will also release a year or two later a forced-induction V-8 model with over 600hp.

This would see Cadillac looking to not only out-gun the M3/M4 but to also go hunting the Mercedes C-Class Black-series as well.

This does fit within the reports that the ATS was designed to house 4, 6 and 8-cylinder engines. However, it is iffy that Cadillac would decide to go hunting in the ultra-low production space of the Black-series (which is over 100hp higher in output than the M3-fighting Mercedes C63 AMG) while they still have other, more profitable niches to go after (think a sub-SRX cross-over, a larger-than-SRX crossover, as well as the flagship Omega-based sedan and coupe). But, recent moves to charge premium prices for products such as the ELR may suggest a new direction for Cadillac that means halo products are on the roadmap.

Personally, I’d love to see an ATS with a 600hp V-8, especially given how fun it was in its 3.6l form.

Source: Motor Trend

Cadillac ATS-V to Out Power BMW M3/M4

Okay, that title is designed to get your attention.

It did, didn’t it.

However, I stick to it for the following reason.

BMW just announced the new M3 sedan and it’s M4 coupe twin will pack a 3.0 liter turbo straight 6 with 424 hp and 369 lb*ft of torque.

These are impressive numbers, to be sure. However, we fully expect Cadillac to equip the, yet to be announced, ATS-V with a variant of the twin-turbo 3.6 V-6 from the CTS and XTS vSport.

In the CTS the engine packs 420 hp and 430 lb*ft, slightly less than that in the XTS to protect the transmission.

So, it is safe to assume that Cadillac we go for at the very least bragging rights by hitting 425hp or even more in a true V-Series model. The torque number will have the ATS soundly embarrassing the M cars.

Also, the ATS is a lighter car even further distancing itself from the specs of the BMW offerings.

But, I hear you crying, BMW is the ultimate driving machine. That has to count for something. Well, Cadillac’s performance wizards do have some chops of their own and technologies like magnetic ride control to deliver an amazing handler as well. I eagerly await the war of ‘Ring lap times that these two cars will launch in the near future.

BMW plans to sell the new M cars early in 2014…it would be safe to say the new ATS-V will bow at an auto show coming soon with on-sale possible not long after.

Source: Jalopnik

How Will Cadillac Expand its Lineup?

Cadillac has mentioned, through their North American head of Marketing, Don Butler, that they plan to continue to offer coupes and wagons (sticking with some of the expansion they started with versions of the CTS in the past few years). What isn’t completely clear is if coupes and wagons will be versions of the CTS going forward.

Since this opens the floor for us to play what-if, let’s look at what Cadillac has said and what they may be doing to meet the competition head-on in these and other segments.

2013 Cadillac ATSFirst of all, we have a Cadillac that is moving to a brand new rear-drive architecture for most of their mainstream cars. Alpha is the new chassis that underpins the ATS as well as (in stretched Alpha+ form) the CTS. So, no matter what Cadillac decides to do, these will all live on the same basic architecture (a boon for volume/cost). This also marks the end of Sigma, the platform developed in the late 90′s and early 2000′s as part of Cadillac’s first re-birth. Continue Reading →

2014 Cadillac CTS Spied

As we get closer to next year’s reveal of the 3rd generation CTS – we are seeing more and more of the car while it is being tested.

In this article from, we see the overall size and lines of the car (again confirming that the new CTS will be sized to compete directly with BMW’s 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class). Additionally, this set of spy shots shows how Cadillac’s new interior design language will be interpreted in this model. CUE is present and accounted for, as expected, as well as a full-digital instrument cluster like the upper-tier ATS and all trims of the XTS upper trims of the XTS.

Power-train options will likely start with the 2.0T from the ATS (packing close to 270 hp) with a 3.6l V-6 serving as the up-trim engine for mainstream buyers who are off-put by turbos. Interestingly, the spy photog spotted one of these cars with its hood open and a ‘twin-turbo’ engine cover readily visible. This could be the rumored bridge engine between the CTS and the CTS-V. Non-turbo 3.6 is in the low 300hp range, the V will likely pack close to 600 (using GM’s new Generation 5 small block). There is a wide gulf that a twin-turbo 3.6l direct injection V-6 would fill. Expect well north of 400hp to match the lower-trim turbo V-8 from BMW all from a 3.6l direct injected V-6. Export markets could likely see diesel motivation as an option.


CTS-V Wins Reader’s Choice Award

The readers of have chosen their favorite performance car.

The Cadillac CTS-V outpaced the competition in this years awards from such standouts as the Ford Mustang Boss 302, Chevrolet Corvette, BMW M3 and Lotus Evora.

Just one more feather in Cadillac’s cap for an outstanding driver’s car.

Cadillac XTS – Magnetic Ride Control

Cadillac, as part of the launch of the XTS, has produced some videos that describe features of their new large car – which introduces many new technologies from GM.

In this video, Cadillac gives a brief overview of their magnetic ride technology. Magnetic Ride uses a special magnetically reactive fluid in the shocks/struts that gets thicker when a magnetic field is applied. Combined with computers that watch the condition of the road and the intentions of the driver, the system can adjust the stiffness at each corner 1000 times per second. We have seen this technology in the V-series models as well as in the top suspension of the ATS.


Next CTS Spied has spied the next CTS undergoing testing.

2014 CTSIt appears from these shots that, rather than a facelifted version of the current car, that this is the bigger, Alpha + (bigger version of the ATS platform) model that will finally take the CTS into the BMW 5-series, Mercedes E-Class size rather than its previous two generations where it existed in a tweener spot between the 3/5 BMW’s and C/E Mercedes models.

Here you can plainly see the increased length as well as some more delicate detailing like slim mirrors, integrated exhausts, as well as a lower, wider, leaner style that takes Cadillacs bread-and-butter sedan in a more stylish direction while also helping to differentiate it from the upcoming ATS.

Expect the new CTS to bow in about a year and a half (summer 2013) as a 2014 model. A new coupe is a certainty a year or so later with a wagon more of an outside possibility. V-Series variant(s) with even more power (in order to one-up the certainly upgraded competition) possibly bumping the 600hp range are a certainly – likely in the 2015 model year.

2014 CTSGiven the recent revelations of the ATS as being close to the lightest in class, expect the CTS to soundly undercut the recently revised BMW 5-series which, by moving to a common platform as its bigger 7-Series brother, gained hundreds of pounds and lost a portion of its sports sedan credibility. This could be a huge opening for Cadillac to poach enthusiast buyers from the boys in Bavaria.


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