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CTS-V Coupe Race Car Hits the Track

CTS-V Coupe Racer at SebringOn January 17th, 2010, the new CTS-V Coupe race car went onto the Sebring International Raceway for some test session laps.

Check out images of the car on the track in our CTS-V Coupe race car image gallery.

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Cadillac Unveils CTS-V Coupe Race Car

Cadillac is making a splash-y return into the SCCA World Challenge series, which they exited with the end of production of the first generation CTS-V sedan with the introduction of the CTS-V Coupe race car.

The Cadillac team will debut the car in competition in St. Petersburg, FL.

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Cadillac to Host Chat with CTS-V racer drivers

CTS V Race carAt 8-8:30pm EST today (January 18, 2010), Cadillac will be hosting a chat with CTS-V Coupe drivers Johnny O’Connel and Andy Pilgrim.

The chat is going to be hosted by V-Series Racing Marketing Manager John Craemer and Cadillac Global Marketing Manager Jim Vurpillat.

To join in on the chat, visit Cadillac’s Facebook page.

CTS-V Coupe makes it back to SCCA World Challenge

It’s great to see Cadillac getting its groove back.

Starting with the upcoming season, Cadillac will return to the SCCA World Challenge series with a race-prepped version of the CTS-V Coupe. As you may recall, Cadillac’s last entry in the series was a version of the first generation CTS-V sedan.

Video below from GM about the logic to return.

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CTS-V Challenge – um, yeah. CTS-V’s kick butt

The results of yesterday’s CTS-V challenge are out and, as you might expect, the CTS-V cleaned up on Monticello’s 3+ mile track.

Taking 1st-3rd and 5th-7th and 10th places – the V’s acquitted themselves quite well.

The best challenger was a BMW M3 in the 4th spot. 8th was filled with what many consider the V’s closest competitor, the BMW M5. The M5 with it’s 500hp was fewer than 3 seconds ahead of the 9th place Mitsubishi Evolution.

11th-12th were brought up by the Jaguar XF (note, Jaguar was supposed to supply an XF-R for the competition but felt that its brakes were not up to the task of competitive laps and backed out at the last minute) and the Audi RS4.

See the official results below:


Cadillac Qualifies Second, Fourth and Ninth for SCCA SPEED GT Season Finale at Laguna Seca

This weekend marks the season finale for the SCCA Speed World Challenge GT series at Laguna Seca.

Cadillac’s CTS-V’s will start in second, fourth, and ninth on Sunday. Cadillac will only need to finish in sixth or better to guarantee the manufacturer’s championship.

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Cadillac exiting SCCA Speed World Challenge

Update: While is reporting that this is true – our contact with GM PR will not yet confirm that Cadillac is indeed getting out of the SCCA series, though we were told an announcement will be made soon.

07 CTS-V racerCadillac announced today that they would not be competing in next season’s SCCA Speed World Challenge.

This appears to be an effort to not campaign the previous generation CTS-V race cars while waiting for the new CTS-V to debut – rather than any concerns about money spent or lack of success by the team.

The team to make their return once the next CTS-V is available.

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