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Forums offline

We’ve taken the CaddyEdge forums offline for the time being.

Expect a new design once we are ready to re-launch the site with a new look and new features. Existing conversations from the forums should be part of the new design – but the integration is planned to be much better with the news, reviews, and photo galleries you’ve come to expect from tCE.

Thanks for your patience.

Forums back soon

Update: We’re back!

The forums, as many of you have no doubt noticed, are currently down.

I am working with the site hosting company to fix the database errors and get the forums back up.

Stay tuned.

Forum issues…

Update: The hosting company has corrected the issue and forum posting/replying is working now.

I apologize for not catching this sooner…I realized today that the site host has made a change to PHP that is preventing posting in the forums.

I have reported it to them and expect to have everything back to normal as soon as possible.

tCE 2008 CTS Review – ride and drive

Part 1 – Overall impressions
Part 2 – Interior and Storage
Part 3 – Electronics and Entertainment
Part 3 – Electronics and Entertainment – Part 2
Part 4 – Ride and Drive
Image Gallery

tCE CTS MountainsOh, the tightrope that a company like Cadillac must walk when making a car like the CTS.

Old-time Cadillac faithful expect a pillow-soft ride that hammers into submission every pothole, expansion joint, and texture – and do it all in complete silence.

New-age luxury/sports sedan buyers expect taut handling, tight and communicative steering, and want to know what the road is telling them – basically a sportscar with room for five.

How can Cadillac expect to balance these two conflicting demands with the new CTS?

Quite simply, they don’t. If you want old-time Cadillac traits – go buy a DTS (or maybe a Lincoln Town Car before Ford discontinues them). Continue Reading →

tCE 2008 CTS Review – Image Gallery

As you could tell from our 2008 CTS Review posts – I took quite a few pictures of the new CTS while it was in my care.

tCE CTS Rocky Mountains

If you’d like to see all the photos and a few videos as well (click on the videos to get to a page to download them to your PC – then play them from there).

tCE CTS Spare Tire


tCE CTS Badge

the 2008 CTS Review Image Gallery

Reminder – CaddyEdge review of 2008 CTS

CTSCutawayJust a quick reminder, the CaddyEdge will have a 2008 CTS over the weekend for a road test/review.

If anyone has any burning questions about the new car – please send them via our contact form or by commenting on this post.

Previous questions can be seen as comments on this thread.

Expect the review soon after we’ve had time to digest what we discover (and likely after Thanksgiving – since we’ll be out of town starting the day GM comes back to pick up the car).

Turtle Wax ICE vs Zaino showdown

The good folks over at Turtle Wax sent the Caddy Edge a sample of their new ICE car care system to try out.

I figured this would be a great time to give my old stand by, Zaino, a run for its money.

Check out our comparison test at:

Caddy Edge Care Care Review: ICE vs Zaino

UPDATE: Johan de Nysschen Answers Questions at Jalopnik

Cadillac head, Johan de Nysschen accepted an invitation to answer questions posed by the readers of after last night’s […]

Cadillac CT6 Unveiled

Cadillac CT6

Cadillac has launched a new website in conjunction with their new Dare Greatly campaign. One of the videos ends with […]

Cadillac Dares Greatly

Launching the new ad campaign for Cadillac. Like this:Like Loading…

Cadillac Dealers Now Accepting ATS-V Orders

Starting today, Cadillac dealers will begin taking orders for the new 2016 ATS-V Coupe and Sedan. The ATS-V sedan starts […]

Cadillac Wants a CLA-Fighter

Recently, Cadillac’s new head has been eyeing a car below the current ATS. One that would allow Cadillac to boost […]

Let’s Listen to the New CTS-V Start-Up

Car and Driver snagged this short video of the new 2016 CTS-V starting up. That’s quite the badass exhaust note […]

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