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Cadillac “LTS” Spied


Chris Doane and Car and Driver have spied the new Cadilac large sedan undergoing testing.

This is not the new XTS (a car expected to see no second generation). Instead, Cadillac is building a new large rear-drive platform dubbed “Omega” and styled in some ways to resemble the recent Elmiraj concept. Cadillac trademarked the LTS name some time ago, so that may be how they will christen this new sedan, despite some desire among fans that they return to ‘real’ names. We won’t hold our breath for that sort of wholesale change.

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Hint at 2014 Cadillac Escalade’s Look

2014 Cadillac EscaladeOver at (previously CarScoop on Blogger)…we have this picture, that appears to have been taken at a recent presentation, giving clues into the look of the next ‘Slade.

Combining aspects of the ATS and CTS lighting with a wrap of the light into the fender line, we can also see strong connection to the current Escalade Platinum LED lighting. Could this suggest a move to standard LEDs on the next Escalade?

We should see the new flagship SUV later this year with an expected on-sale date in the first half of 2014.


ATS Coupe Spied

Well, that didn’t take that long.

We have been speculating lately about the nature of a coupe offering from Cadillac on the Alpha chassis and how they might choose to follow the Audi model of building a model sized between Alpha (ATS) and Alpha+ (CTS) to allow the styling of the current CTS coupe to continue. The assumption we were going on was that ATS was too small to support the rakish lines of the CTS coupe and the new CTS is too large to carry a coupe offering without looking somewhat cartoonish.

Cadillac ATS CoupeNow we have this spy shot of what seems to be an ATS coupe in the flavor of a BMW 3-Series coupe with a unique roofline, but maintaining the headroom of the sedan. In other words, trade the show-car good looks and roofline of the CTS coupe for the practicality needed in an ATS-sized model.

Of course, we will need to see further spy shots in the future to help dial in if this is merely a coupe-ified ATS or a more unique model. Given the level of finish on this car, we’d expect a coupe to hit next year, possibly as a 2014.

Source: Autoweek


ATS-V Spied

The folks at C&D have spotted the ATS-V undergoing testing.

ATS-V SedanPeering through the heavy camo, you can make out the more aggressive grill and bumper treatments (likely mesh-filled as is the V-Series trademark). Out back are wider wheels and tires as well as quad exhausts.

We fully expect the ATS-V to carry a version of Cadillac’s new 3.6 DI twin-turbo engine. Given the ATS-V’s M3-beating mission, we’d expect the car to have this engine putting out north of the CTS VSport 420hp. 450 certainly sounds like a nice round number, doesn’t it?

We’d also expect both manual and automatic transmission options for what might be our new favorite Cadilac.

Source: Car and Driver

2014 Cadillac CTS Undisguised

As we have discovered in the past several months, Cadillac is moving their CTS to a stretched version of the new Alpha platform that debuted with the ATS. This Alpha+ based CTS will bring styling in line with the ATS and XTS to the bread-and butter of the Cadillac sedan line-up. It will move the CTS slightly upmarket to go head-to-head with the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class (from its prior position as a ‘tween that was larger than the 3-Series/C-Class but smaller than the next-rung up offerings from the competition.

What we didn’t know was what it might look like…now, thanks to we have an undisguised (if somewhat blurry) look at the styling.

In keeping with its more grown-up position, the CTS will bring together both the wrap into the fenders headlight graphic of the ATS as well as the prominent and forward jutting grill of the Cadillac Ciel concept.

2014 Cadillac CTSAdditional expectations are three power-plants (at least in non-V trim) that will likely bring a turbo 2.0 4-cylinder as the base engine, the tried and true DI 3.6 V-6 at the mid-level, and as a bridge to the V-Series a twin-turbo V-6. This should give 270hp, 320hp, and 400-ish hp. We would expect a year later to see a CTS-V with a forced-induction V-8 with likely north of the current 556hp (though we likely will lose our favorite CTS-Vs, the coupe and wagon).

Expect an official unveiling of the CTS later this year.


Could this be the 2014 Cadillac Escalade

2014 Cadillac EscaladeThe folks over at CarScoop have put together all we know so far about the new Escalade, expected to be unveiled later this year for an early 2014 on-sale date, and put it through the wonders of rendering to give us this view of its likely look.

Possessing lines that realistically blend the ATS (headlights) and XTS (grill), this also shows off lines that are in keeping with hints dropped by GM brass that the Escalade would be more sophisticated than ‘Slades past.

I’d say that this is a good guess as to what Cadillac will bring to market in about a year.

Source: CarScoop

Grainy Photo of Rumored Cadillac Flagship Coupe

In addition to the rumored flagship sedan, there are persistent rumors that a range-topping coupe model would also bow alongside.

This would make some sense given Mercedes CL line (not to be confused with Cadillac’s Ciel concept convertible) or BMW’s 6-series coupe (though a new CTS Coupe would be this car’s closest competition).

Vince Burlapp has posted this grainy photo that appears to be from a design studio. However, this looks out of step enough with Cadillac’s latest design language to suggest this is old and not indicative of what a high-end Cadillac coupe would look like. We’d think a fast roofline on the Ciel concept would be the most likely look for this product.

Just sharing to be complete.

Source: Vince Burlapp Car Page

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