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Cadillac to Debut XT6 at 2019 Detroit Auto Show

Automotive News has confirmed that Cadillac will debut their new 3-row crossover, the XT6, at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Based on the same platform GM uses for the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave (and in shortened form) for the XT5 – the XT6 will slot between the XT5 and the larger, body-on-frame, Escalade.  Interestingly, the XT6 seems to sport a very similar interior to the XT5 which has been on the market for some time.

Exterior styling draws heavily from the Escala concept with slim, horizontal headlights.

This should serve as a good addition to the lineup for Cadillac which has been long starved as the crossovers the market is demanding.  With this, it will bring Cadillac up to 3 crossovers and the Escalade to help keep buyers in the brand as they walk away from sedans and coupes in ever larger numbers.

CT6 Mid-Cycle Refresh Spied

Cadillac’s CT6 has been on the market for a couple of years now.  In the interim, the Escala Concept has previewed a new styling direction.  Combine these facts and a refreshed CT6 that has some Escala styling cues is no real surprise.  The good folks over at have spied a new version of the CT6 that borrows lighting and grill styling influenced by the brand’s new direction.

We are likely a year or more from the updated car, and possibly more time from the first product that really brings Escala styling fully into production.  But, for now, it appears Cadillac is staying the course with the themes they have shown off.

Though, it is curious that we haven’t yet seen a model in testing that really brings the look to fruition.  Perhaps we won’t see the styling in-full until one of the new crossovers break cover.


Refreshed Cadillac XTS Spied

The folks over at GMInsideNews have caught the refreshed XTS minus the camo we saw in the prior spy shots.

Revealed is how Cadillac has chosen to combine the styling of the XTS with hints at the styling previewed in the Escala concept.  Strangely, it appears that the lighting treatments have been flopped vertically with horizontal elements of the tail lights moved to below the trunk opening vs at the upper edge of the rear deck.  Detailing and contours of the decklid do mirror those of the Escala.

Escala rear lighting
XTS Refresh rear lighting

Up front, the styling is toned down with hints of the concept’s horizontal headlight element that is also combined with the vertical lighting element that the Escala had separated.  Honestly, the lighting also has a strong resemblance to the existing lights of the CT6.

Ultimately, you can squint and see inspirations from the concept that are watered down by limitations presented by an existing car’s architecture.  We would expect a purer form of the styling to debut on the first Cadillac that is getting a full redesign or is a new model (XT3 or XT7 or the next version of the ATS or CTS would all be good bets).


2018 Cadillac XTS Spied – Brings Escala Styling

GMInsideNews has posted spy shots of a refreshed XTS undergoing testing.

2018 XTS Spy Shot - GMInsideNewsFrom their photos, we can see that significant changes to the front and rear ends are coming.  GMI points out the trunk lid seems extend further aft and the grill appears to adopt a look like the recent XT5 crossover.

However, they seem to have missed a key change present in the, albeit blurry, front quarter view.

This appears to be the first Cadillac that will take inspiration from the Escala Concept.  As you can see here, the vertical headlight arrangement is replaced with a thin, horizontal headlight very similar to the Escala.  It remains to be seen if this new front end will work well with the existing XTS sheet metal.  We are a bit nervous how the two themes will work together.

Certainly, the XTS won’t be the only Escala-esque Cadillac for long.  ATS and CTS are both getting close to their own mid-cycle refreshes.  The new crossovers from Cadillac should bow in the next year or two.  Even the Escalade might see a refresh in 2018 or 2019 – and bring some of the Escala design theme.

So, let the Escala-ification of Cadillac styling begin.  

The new XTS should debut by early 2018.

Source: GMInsideNews – Updated Cadillac XTS Points and Laughs at the Haters

Cadillac Testing XT3

Cadillac has already ‘announced’ that it is working on new crossovers to flesh out their lineup.

Now, via our friends at AutoBlog, we have concrete proof of the XT5’s little brother undergoing testing.

The XT3 likely shares a platform with Chevrolet’s Equinox and GMC’s Terrain, though we can see here a long-hood that give the new SUV a decidedly Cadillac flavor.

Also expect interior appointments to be completely unique.

The XT3 should be announced late this year (LA Auto Show) or early in 2018.