C|Net.com review the Escalade

07EscaladeNot exactly renown for their expertise in all things automotive – electronics and computer review site, C|Net.com has decided to jump into the car review market.

Having watched a few of their televised auto reviews downloaded by my Tivo – I can attest that they likely know a lot more about computers and electronics than cars – but, at least
tend to limit themselves to the interior environment, features, and ways that cars integrate into our ‘digital lives’.

This week, they take a look at the new 2007 Escalade.

Likes – styling and interior electronics

Dislikes – fuel economy, weight, lack of bluetooth (they also take a cheap shot at the ‘low-tech’ V-8 simply because it lacks overhead cams, discounting its variable valve timing and other high-tech features. Apparently the Infiniti 5.6l V-8 with 315hp is automatically more ‘efficient’ than the 6.2l V-8 in the Escalade with its 403hp due to its overhead cams)

Overall, they gave it a 7.0/10 rating.

Read all about it here:

C|Net.com – 2007 Cadillac Escalade Reviews