February 2018 Cadillac Sales

February 2018 World-wide Cadillac Sales42%  That is the increase in globals sales that Cadillac managed to achieve in February (year over year).  That is a pretty massive increase that was driven by an 86.5% (7816 units) in China but also a strong 1515 unit (14%) increase in US sales.  It is significant to note that 865 (7%) of that increase were additional fleet sales in February.  Total fleet sales were 2077 units.

China outsold the US market again this month.  Chinese sales were approximately 55.1% of global sales.  All was not rosy with Cadillac, with their amusingly named Rest of World sales down 12.7% (203 units).

Because the break-down in Chinese sales are not yet available, let’s do our normal breakdown of the US sales by model to see where the improvements came from.

February 2018 US Cadillac Sales

Surprisingly, sedan sales were stronger than in 2017 (this may well be where fleet sales increased).   CTS sales were down 3% (27 units), but ATS, CT6, and XTS were all up.  ATS saw sales increase 383 units (38.1%).  CT6 was up 5.4% (a paltry 43 units – but every unit counts).  XTS was up a strong 598 units (44.5%).

Crossovers and SUVs were strong again in February.  Escalade was up 161 units for the month.  XT5 continued its leading place in the brand with 37.8% of the entire brand’s volume.  For the month, sales were up 8.8% (377 units) over what was already a strong 2017 number.

Remember, XT4 debuts later this month as a 2019 model – meaning it could go on sale any time this year given the odd US model-year naming standards.  We would expect it to hit showrooms this summer, when the rest of the lineup sees their 2019’s bow as well.

This should increase Cadillac sales and help them continue their several month year-over-year global sales growth.  Of course, that will also be about the time we will start to guess at the next Cadillac crossover.  We would bet our money on a 3-row crossover to complement the body-on-frame Escalade for buyers that don’t need the absolute maximum towing that models brings.