Cadillac XT6 Crossover Spied

Cadillac XT6 Spy ShotThe good folks over at C&D have spotted a larger Cadillac crossover undergoing tests in Michigan.

Built off the C1XX chassis (née GM’s big unibody Lambda platform) that underpins the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave.  This means a 3.6l V-6 as the base engine is practically a lock.  A V-Sport model with turbo V-6 power is also something that wouldn’t be out of place with a Cadillac badge.

This model is expected to bow within a year and may also be a good indication how committed Cadillac, as a brand, is to the current move to the CT# and XT# naming convention.  Given that the cross-town rivals at Lincoln have rediscovered the value of true names on products (something even Cadillac has been flirting with given recent rumors that a production Escala might see production and keep the Escala name).

Along with the recently debuted XT4 – Cadillac sales are sure to surge with this new product in showrooms.

Source – Car and Driver

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