What would you like to see the Caddy Edge review

In November 2007, we drove the 2008 CTS (in 3.6l DI, All-wheel drive form) and wrote our impressions in a 4-part series.

We’re in touch with Cadillac now to see what other review vehicles might be available.

What would you, the Caddy Edge faithful, like to see reviewed next? We’d like to know just so we can make sure that, if offered a choice, that we pick the vehicles you are most interested in.

…and, just so you know, we are in line to get access to the new CTS-V and Escalade Hybrid as soon as possible.

Your thoughts?

  • bluebaby

    Can you just give us the coupe or the provoq or how about something simple lets say bluetooth, now, midproduction even, GM has to hurry with these designs before junk toyota and all thier coo-aid drinking followers kill the GM giant.


  • Well, we know the coupe is coming practically unaltered in a year or so. Provoq almost certainly previews the SRX replacement (sometimes called the BRX/BTX). Bluetooth has been announced as an option for the CTS in the 09 model year.

    So, that should help. 🙂

  • do u guys have any info of the next generation of the sts because if you do then you should really put it up because a lot of people want to see the new generation of the cadillac sts, will it be better than the cts because if it will than the sts will be going against the s class of mercedes and the 7 series and so on

  • All the info we have on the next gen STS is already listed here at the site (go to the right side of the page, to the ‘categories’ section, and click ‘STS/SLS’ to see all our posts that deal (at least partially) with the STS.

    Basically, it goes a bit like this…

    CTS will get a freshening in a couple years and get most if not all the features of the STS (and will move up in price to take the STS’ current spot in the lineup).

    At that time, the current STS and DTS will be discontinued and replaced by a single model based on GM’s large rear-drive Zeta chassis. This new model will compete in the S-class/7-series territory you mentioned.

    The current CTS’ place in the line will be replaced by a smaller rear-drive model based on GM’s new Alpha platform.

    Of course, this all could change if GM decides that they won’t be able to hit the 2020 CAFE requirement of 35mpg for the entire company (Cadillac included).

  • Steve Ricci

    Like to see as much info as possible on the CTS coupe/convetible, (time frame)and more on GM’s approach to fuel conservation or alternative fuels.