CTS Coupe rumored

CTSCoupeSketchIt looks like the conjecture here at the CaddyEdge about the next CTS getting a coupe body style might not have just been wishful thinking after all.

Automotive News and Autoweek.com are both reporting that part of the next CTS program has been a little pet project of Bob Lutz, a 2-door CTS to go head to head with the Mercedes CLK, the BMW 3-series coupes, and the G35 coupe.

This would certainly explain the extremely fast (steep) rear window on the styling buck that Mr. Lutz was showing off on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago.

Note: Rumor has it that the CTS coupe will follow the new sedan by one year.

Read about it here:

Automotive News – Cadillac’s CLK Killer?

  • Loveldos

    Great news! The faster this Coupe is brought to market, the better GM’s future will be. I hope Cadillac remembers the formula, outstanding styling will sell mucho Coupes! The competition was always left in the dust with the Cadillac’s classic Coupes of the past. As soon as ordering information is available, I’m sure there will be more advance orders/deposits than any car ever brought out!

  • Chad Caron

    I am still driving my 2000 Eldorado, and I’ve felt abandoned by cadillac because until now there has been no inclination that a new two door coupe would be offered. I cant tell you how excited I am that I’ll be driving one of these soon. Unless of course cadillac decides to introduce a coupe with a 320hp northstar based on the STS. I think the letters ETC would look very nice in the line up