Detroit Autoshow – Converj is a ‘go’

UPDATE: It seems that word of the Converj production car are a touch premature. LLN is reporting a statement by John Howell, GM product director, that the Converj is not yet a done deal. If they don’t feel the car meets the refinement, etc. required for a Cadillac – it might not happen. We’re thinking that lots can happen between now and 2012 either way. Keep your fingers crossed.

Converj ConceptBob Lutz has confirmed to the press that a version of the Volt architecture based on the Converj concept is on its way.

However, GM doesn’t plan to get in a huge hurry to bring it to market and it could be a year or more after the Volt debuts in late 2010.

There have also been some talk from GM resources that a Converj would be tuned differently than the Volt – this is thought to suggest a sportier offering than the Prius-killer mission of the Volt.

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