XTS Concept Interior designer talks about the inspiration

This video from the Detroit autoshow is of the XTS’ interior designer talking about the inspirations that went into the interior. Think orchids.


  • AMcA

    This car is WAY too production looking to be wider than the actual car. I can see where the roofline might go a little higher, but not the width.

    I certainly hope the production car can retain at least 99% of the good looks of the concept. I had better – it’s got enough other strikes against it.

  • I must admit it was surprising to see a young chinese woman as the project manager in charge of the XTS interior.
    She and others from GM’s China talent pool obviously have a more global sense of what modern luxury is.
    Despite its platform compromises, XTS is a sharp car.

    I feel the main changes XTS needs are a 5 in stretch behind the front wheels and a reworked northstar V-8.
    The Hybrid system makes sense as an alternate drivetrain.