Cadillac Sells 611 ATSes in September

In the first month where ATSes were on dealer lots, Cadillac moved 611 of the BMW 3-Series fighter. Since September was a ramp-up month (not a full month of cars on lots), October will start to give a better feel for the sales success of the car.

CadillacATSAlso of note is that the XTS moved 2506 units in September – a full month of sales for this car that debuted a while before the ATS.

Sales of Cadillac were slightly down over the same month last year (1.3%), but this will likely change once sales of the ATS and XTS both are in full-swing. Overall, Cadillac has sold about 10k fewer cars year-to-date compared to 2011 – in a year where they have been short product even as the rest of the auto industry is rebounding.


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