Hennessey Takes Up Bugatti’s Challenge

When speaking to Car and Driver recently, head of Bugatti Wolfgang Dürheimer stated that their upcoming Galibier ultra-sedan is to be the fastest product on the market, production or tuner.

Well, that perked up the ears of a little tuner named Hennessey.

He’s come out saying that he will transport his latest monster to take that challenge if the VW-owned company would name the time and place.

Why do we care? Because the vehicle he wants to pitch against the, as yet untested Bugatti, is the VR1200 package equipped CTS-V. Packing a solid 1226hp and 1198 lb*ft, he is confident that he has the faster car.

At the very least, he’s using Herr Dürheimer’s bluster to get some press for his tuned Cadillac business.

Promotional video on the VR1200 below:

Source: Jalopnik.com

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