Video Showing Next CTS on the Road

The third generation CTS is rapidly approaching. Based on the new platform that also underpins the ATS (Alpha, by name), the new CTS should also be expected to be class-leading in mass – much as the ATS is the lowest weight car in its class.

This also marks the first time that Cadillac has embraced the size of the mid-tier competition and will be matching the competition in size against the BMW 5-series and Mercedes E-Class rather than avoiding full competition by playing in an in-between space.

Below, you’ll see the new CTS in heavy disguise video-ed on the open road. It is clear here that the new CTS is noticeably larger than the current CTS. We should get a chance to see the new CTS undisguised in the coming months in preparation for its on-sale date as a 2014 model.


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