Next CTS Pricing Announced

Cadillac has announced pricing for the next CTS and its higher than before…$7000 more to start.

20130613-232113.jpgThis is in keeping with the CTS’ new mission to take the right directly to the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes E-Class. The CTS starts at $46025 with destination. This undercuts BMW by $1800 and Mercedes by almost $5900.

The base CTS comes with the same turbo, direct injection engine as the mid-tier ATS. The new CTS will also offer the option of a non-turbo 3.6l V-6 as well.

Step up to the twin-turbo 3.6, and the CTS (known as vSport) will start at $59995, undercutting comparable 5’s and E’s by about $2000.

Lighter than the competition, matching on size and technology, and significantly cheaper? Sounds like the new CTS will do well in the market when it goes on sale in the fall.

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