2014 Cadillac ELR MSRP Set at $75000

Wow, we didn’t see that coming.

2014 Cadillac ELR Reservation E-MailWith the Chevy Volt, on which it is based, having a starting price of $34995 (after this years’ $5k price drop), we would have been comfortable predicting a starting price for the ELR in the mid $50000 range.

This even with its long list of upgrades such as a bespoke Cadillac interior with CUE, 20″ wheels, full LED lighting, uprated Voltec power train, and sexy sheet metal.

But, Cadillac released a reservation page for the new ELR today with a starting price (before tax incentives) of $75000 ($75995 with destination). Our jaw is understandably dropping at a 50% higher price than we expected.

So, what do -you- think? Is Cadillac justified in pricing the ELR higher than the base price of a Tesla Model S ($71k-ish)?

Source: Cadillac ELR Reservation Page


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