Cadillac ELR Coupes are on Their Way

Cadillac ELR Begins DeliveryGM announced today that production examples of the ELR coupe are on their way to the dealers.

Built at GM’s Hamtramck factory that also assembles the Chevrolet Volt that shares a similar chassis and power train, these initial shipments will be the first examples of the Cadillac ELR intended for customers (all the ones we’ve seen so far have been pre-production examples).

So, if you have $75k+ burning a hole in your pocket and you’d love the latest in electric most of the time/gas when you need it from General Motors – talk to your local Cadillac salesperson and let them know you want to see it when it gets in.

The Cadillac ELR is GM’s latest example of their electric range-extended vehicle technology and comes packed in unique Cadillac sheet metal with a full Cadillac interior with CUE infotainment as well as Cadillac exclusive features such as full-LED lighting and Cadillac’s suite of safety technology such as Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert, the Safety Alert Seat.

Source: GM Fastlane

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