Detroit News Review of 2007 Escalade

07EscaladeGrillOver at the Detroit News web site, we are treated to another installment in Paul and Anita Lienert’s ‘He Drove, She Drove’ column…the victim in this case? The new 2007 Escalade.

Paul gives the new Escalade a 4 out of 5 with negatives having to do with size, inefficiency, and poor interior fit and finish in the third row.

Anita is smitten, it seems, giving the new Escalade a 5 out of 5. She also doesn’t like the inefficiency (13 city, 19 highway) – wishing for a cylinder deactivation system, and wishes for a power folding third row.

Both love the power, richness of the dash, and the styling.

Read their blow-by-blow at:

Detroit News – Escalade tanks up on power, Smooth ride, luxe details put SUV near top of class

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