2014 Cadillac Escalade Spotted Again

Set to debut in a little over a year as a 2014 model, the new Escalade is showing up undergoing public road testing more and more often now.

Based on the latest body-on-frame chassis from GM, the Escalade is expected to further distance itself from its Yukon and Tahoe platform-mates with a more fully realized Cadillac specific interior.

Expected are 8-speed automatic transmission, a version of the brand new Gen V small-block V-8 with direct injection, variable valve timing, and cylinder deactivation that recently was shown off by GM in its C7 Corvette guise. Additionally, we should expect a full slate of Cadillac’s safety and infotainment technology similar to what we get in the new XTS and ATS sedans.

Source: MotorTrend.com

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