Spy Shots of the 2007 STS

TCC07STSteaserThe Car Connection is running a set of 4 spy photos of the 2007 Cadillac STS.

It looks like a mild freshening to bring the STS more in line with the softer look debuted, in part, on the 2007 Escalade.

Also, it looks like LED tail lights are going to be a more pronounced brand styling trait with this new STS sporting smoked lense tail lights with rows of amber and red LEDs that will be eye-catching if not exactly as stylish as the jeweled red lenses currently used.

We’d also bet on a mild interior upgrade as well to bring the STS more in-line with interior fit and finish as well as style seen in competing vehicles (not that the current STS is shabby at all).

The Car Connection – Spy Photo of 07 STS

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