500hp Supercharged 6.2l V-8 for Escalade coming?

62SCThe good folks over at Digital Corvettes have posted some spy shots of a supercharged V-8 that is undergoing testing at an undisclosed facility up near GM-land. Their initial guess was that this was the upcoming LS9 engine that is expected to put out upwards of 650hp in the new Corvette Sting Ray.

However, after a bit of analysis, the folks there have identified this engine as a 500hp+ truck version of the 6.2l V-8 destined for duty in a high-performance version of the Escalade.

Cadillac has previously stated that there will be no V-series SUV’s…maybe this might be evidence of a shift from that policy or perhaps SUV’s will just get a different moniker for their hi-po versions.

Take a look at the rest of the pics here:

Digital Corvette – Chevrolet Corvette SS engine pics

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