BLS sales off to slow start has a post today about slower than expected initial sales of the new Cadillac BLS.

Production began in April and May was the first full month of sales. Sales to-date total slightly more than 400 units. However, even though this is less than 50% the rate needed to reach target Cadillac has stated of 10,000 per year – it is already the best selling Cadillac model.

While Autoblog seems to think that this is a sign that the BLS is a failure, we and Cadillac would likely agree that the first full month of sales is a touch early to make that claim.

Once word-of-mouth kicks in, sales are likely to rise.

See the Autoblog post here: – Cadillac BLS a bust in Europe?

or, if your are up on your Swedish – you can read the article they based their post on:

GP Ekonomi & Politik – Cadillac i Trollhättan mot totalfiasko