Cadillac to build un-named model in China

BLSThe Shanghai Daily is reporting in their business section that GM will begin producing an as-yet un-named Cadillac model for the Chinese market at Shanghai GM’s Jinqiao plant.

Last month, Cadillac halted local production of all Cadillac’s in China. GM still imports the CTS and SRX models.

An announcement about exactly which Cadillac model will be built in Shanghai is expected to be made at the Beijing Autoshow later this year. Currently, the only information is that it will be a Cadillac ‘mainstream’ model – which could mean the BLS or perhaps the next CTS.

The article also states that Cadillac is expected to introduce ‘another new model’ this year as well.

Read the whole article at: – New Cadillac model to be made in China

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