GM changes ad agency for Cadillac

GM announced today that they would be transferring their Cadillac advertising account (and its annual $225 Million budget) from Leo Burnett Detroit to Modernista.

It is suggested that Leo Burnett Detroit lost the bulk of the Cadillac account due to their lackluster Super Bowl ads for Cadillac and the new 2007 Escalade.

Leo Burnett Detroit will continue to be the ad agency for GM Service and Parts as well as Pontiac. Effective July 1, LBD will gain some responsibility for local dealer advertising for Saab, Hummer, and Cadillac.

Modernista has done quite well for GM in the past as the ad agency for the Hummer brand.

  • GUS

    All I can say is about time. I am a little sad to see the caddy ads made outside of Detroit but heck the upside for on old patriot like myself is that at least Modernista is actually owned some Americans instead of a French holding company that is also making ads for Toyota!

    Things can only get better, really. That Super Bowl spot was a complete joke. This is one of the greatest American brands and it ought to at least have ads that reflect the real brand and not just glam freakshows and product shots. Also, this is yet more evidence that under the current team there are no more sacred cows, GM just might be really changing for the better.

    My prayers are with those people at Modernista, imagine the pressure they are under!!! I read that the team they have working on the ads did a lot of the old (good) volkswagon ads, it will be interesting to see what they do for Caddy.