STS-V spyshots

08 STS-V RearThings have been kind of busy over at Edmunds today…

First we saw more spyshots of the 2008 CTS and now we have some pictures of an upcoming refresh to the STS-V that shows off the freshened STS LED taillights. Also expect some lightly restyling to the grill area to give a little more resemblance to the 08 CTS and the new Escalade.

Rumor has this particular car packing a highly tuned version of the SC Northstar engine putting out over 600hp. Expect significantly less of a boost for the 08 STS-V if Cadillac decides that this is a good time to make the most powerful Cadillac ever even more so.

See the pictures here:

Inside Line: 2008 Cadillac STS V-Series

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