Consumer Reports love

Consumer Reports, bible for folks looking for reliable products of any stripe, have put out their list of ‘Recommended’ vehicles for 2007.

This year, 3 Cadillacs have managed to make the list. The CTS, CTS-V, and the DTS.

In determining which vehicles it will recommend, Consumer Reports considers the following criteria: 1) Favorable results in the magazine’s performance tests that measure such things as ride and handling, emergency handling, braking, fit and finish, controls and displays, seat comfort, transmission, fuel economy and acceleration; 2) Average/better than average reliability in the magazine’s annual subscriber survey; and 3) Competitive safety performance based on NHTSA and IIHS test results.

Read all about it along with other vehicles from GM that made the recommended list at:

GM Insiders: Consumer Reports Recommends 16 GM Vehicles

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