2008 CTS Pics!

It looks like some sites just can’t tell time. Photos of the new CTS leaked onto the web over night because some sites (*cough* Edmunds) posted them and some details early.

08 CTSWhat we know from their early post is that the new CTS looks like this. We also know the 2.8l VVT is dead, being replaced by the 3.6l we already know and love in 258hp trim.

The upgrade engine is the previously rumored direct injection 3.6 pumping out a stout 300hp.

Either engine will be available with a 6-speed manual (yipee!) or 6-speed auto. All-wheel drive will also become an option for the first time.

Also take a look at the new interior that is, as expected, very close to the styling buck shown by Bob Lutz on 60 Minutes those many months ago.

08 CTS InteriorExpect lots of high-res photos in our image gallery as well as full press-release goodness in a couple hours.

Also, don’t forget to look at the next post down for a live video feed of the CTS reveal in Detroit that starts at 9:40am EST.

08 CTS

08 CTS

  • NewV

    Nicely done Caddy!

  • John Martin

    Greetings and Happy New Year to all.

    I have just reviewed the photos of the new Cadillac CTS and I cannot wait to see this car in person. From the exterior to the interior, Cadillac has continued its Art and Science style and design theme with a freshness that captures refinement and luxurous performance. I will be very interested in the new features and options available. As a current Cadillac owner of the STS V8 and XLR, I see this new CTS as the beginning of what is in store for the next generation of Cadillac sport luxury sedans. I like what I am seeing so far, cannot wait to drive next fall.


  • CTSJerry

    Like John, I’m very anxious to see this new second generation CTS up close and in person. I’m sure that I will like it once I get a closer look at it’s styling, features, performance and general design. However as a very satisfied 2003 CTS owner I don’t see myself trading my CTS in just yet. But I might change my mind once I smell that new interior :>) I’m very proud of the direction Cadillac has been going in for the past 5 years. Fresh new bold designs of high quality have put Cadillac back on top of the Luxury Performance market. Go Cadillac!

  • CwellCTS

    Like John and Jerry, I am very anxious to see this one up close. I just want to touch it, sit in it, take it for a spin! I really love my ’03 CTS but this one really got me drooling over it. Does anyone know if the display above the center console comes up?

  • CTSJerry

    Yes, CwellCTS, I do believe the NAV panel display comes up when a button is pressed. Other high end cars are doing that these days. That’s a nice feature! I think we all agree, we need to see more than photos to really determine if this car will replace our current CTSs. It will take one heck of a car to get me to sell my 2003!