Finally, 2nd Gen CTS image gallery is up!

2nd Gen CTS fender ventNow for all of you that have been rocking back and forth in your chairs waiting for the 2nd Generation CTS image gallery to be ready…

Here it is…29 photos, all suitable for your desktop wallpaper needs.


2nd Generation CTS Image Gallery

  • The new CTS looks very nice. My only concern is the picture of the steering wheel. it looks like a limited amount of space for leg room between the steering wheel and the console. I just purchased a new DTS and have had 2 STS’s prior to that. I also still own an XLR and every one of them has enough room for me. But i am 6’5″ tall and I do not fit it New STS. I have taken two test rides but the seating position is not for tall people. I hope they have not done the same thing with the CTS. I have also noticed that around my vacation home
    in Punta Gorda FL, most of the people driving STS are short. It is amazing to me that GM build a Full size Cadillac that a person of my height will not fit in. I guess they are definitely not after basket ball players.