Let the conjecture begin – 2009 CTS-V spied

The good folks over at Car and Driver are already talking about the particulars of the upcoming 2nd generation CTS-V.

CnD CTS-VBased on the new 2008 CTS, the V is expected to pack at least 500hp and Mr. Lutz is already putting BMW on notice that the CTS-V will “suck the doors off” the competition.

The V’s power might come from a 7.0l Z06 Corvette (in keeping with the original that also sourced its engine from the top Vette) but apparently other options are also on the table.

Looks like things just keep getting better for all of us Cadillac fans.

Check out Car and Driver for the full picture from above and other shots of the 09 CTS-V.

Car and Driver: Spied: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V – Daily Auto Insider

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