CTS Coupe Designer video

Another YouTube find is this video of John Manoogian, Cadillac’s Exterior Design Director describing the work that culminated in the CTS Coupe concept.

Interestingly, he suggests that Cadillac is considering actually going with the concept’s center exhaust treatment on the production coupe.


  • bluebaby

    GM keeps teasing us, in other words, dangling carrots, just put in production now, can’t wait, before someone steals the design.

    don’t forget bluetooth.

  • jlm

    Wonderful overview. I really hope this car is built, as is. This would offer two very high styled coupes in Cadillac’s line up, the XLR and the CTS Coupe and I could not think of a better luxury two car combination.


  • Loveldos

    Looks superb–I also can’t wait until it is produced. Really glad the production version is said to be close to this example. A modestly sized Cadillac Coupe is long overdue!