More CTS coupe goodness

A couple sources have posted more info on the upcoming CTS coupe.

Winding Road has posted a series of new spy photos. However the article doesn’t really reveal any new tidbits.

Winding Road: Spied! Cadillac CTS Coupe Follows Concept Form has posted some details of their interview with Cadillac head, Jim Taylor.

Of note – we won’t have to wait for a V-Series version. Both the standard coupe and the V-series coupe will debut simultaneously.

A diesel coupe will likely be available in Europe (and possibly the US, depending on demand).

Another tidbit from the article are further confirmation that the STS/DTS will be replaced by a single model in the coming years (2011-12). Interestingly, it appears that Cadillac has realized that they can’t just move the CTS into STS price territory overnight, and the STS/DTS replacement will continue in the current 5-Series/E-Class price range while aiming for the 7-Series/S-Class in size and features.

Yet more information is that Cadillac may be a likely place for passenger car diesels, as the Cadillac price point can more easily absorb the cost of modern/clean diesel engines.

Check out the interview at: Interview: Jim Taylor talks CTS-V Coupe, STS/DTS future, SUVs