BTX shows its grill

Leftlane News has spotted Cadillac’s new small SUV flashing its grill-work and showing a lot of similarities to the Provoq concept from this years Detroit auto show.

2010 BTXBuilt off GM’s Premium Theta (which, according to LLN, is packing some parts from GM’s Epsilon mid-size car chassis as well), the BRX (we hear it will be BTX) will share this high-end version of Theta with Saab’s new 9-4x crossover.

Both should reach production late in 2009 as 2010 model year vehicles.

Check out LLN’s spy shots and their opinion on what we’re seeing here at:

Leftlane 2010 Cadillac BRX sheds some disguise [Spied Again]

  • bluebaby

    Better hurry toyota is coming fast, stop the excuses and bring it to us hopfully in a mild hybrid

  • I’m not sure what you mean by ‘Toyota is coming fast’…but I would expect the 2-mode hybrid system to show up in this crossover soon after launch.

    Car development takes time – even for Toyota (the difference is that Toyota is better at hiding the mules until much closer to launch – giving the illusion that they move faster somehow.

  • bluebaby

    What Imean is if American’s don’t wake up soon and stop buying toyota’s this country may as well be called United States of toyota .

  • Sherman Moore

    i love what you are doing with the CTS Coupe, for along time you were outstanding with the Eldrado coupe that you took out of service. and the coupe D Ville. i am glad to see that you have not abandon this concept. good job, i hope that you put it in production.
    Sherman Moore
    Tacoma Washington

  • Ah, I see.

    Well, with Toyota’s quality falling and GM building world-class products…I think this might turn around yet.

    Cadillac is just one sign that the giant is awake and Toyota needs to take notice.