CTS convertible shelved?

It seems we just got used to the idea of a CTS coupe (still not officially announced). This and the upcoming wagon have shown Cadillac’s seriousness about competing head-to-head with the likes of the BMW 3-Series.

The coupe has fueled speculation that Cadillac might go all the way and lop the top off the coupe and enter the one remaining segment with a sporty convertible.

The latest rumor, though, has Cadillac shelving any plans for now.

We’re hoping they’ll have a change of heart.

  • dugbug

    Guess Im getting a 3-series convertible 🙁

  • bluebaby

    of course u are because GM just does not get it when it comes to places like so cal and miami were we love these cars and could I say could destroy the competition but hey what do we know? good luck GM keep producing same ol same ol.

  • JLM

    Lets hope the Cadillac Alpha based compact size car will offer a convertible version.