CTS Coupe delayed

CTS CoupeGM announced today that the production version of the new CTS coupe has been pushed from November’s LA auto show to the January Detroit auto show…apparently as a ‘cost cutting’ measure.

Given recent problems we’ve had getting responses from Cadillac’s press relations group – maybe they’ve cut enough that it is difficult to get their launches planned in time.

Despite what other sites are saying about this – we see no reason that the production of the coupe will be delayed.

  • Loveldos

    Although like everyone else, I am really anxious to see the official CTC production version–this is really a minor modification of the previously announced plans. In my opinion, it is even more appropriate for Motown, the “Motor City,” to get to officially reveal this gorgeous and truly most significant new Cadillac model. This reenforces the supremacy of the North American International Auto Show as a premiere automotive launch site. . . very appropriate for Cadillac. In fact, I like these aspects of this hot new Cadillac Coupe having Detroit roots so much, I’ve decided I would be super happy if they decided to call it an “Eldorado!”