Cadillac considering production Converj as 4-door coupe is running a story that GM executives are considering production alternatives for the Converj concept.

The Converj, as you no doubt remember, was a 2-door concept based on the same technology beneath the Chevy Volt. However, we still hold that the Converj is much more likely a styling preview of the Alpha-chassis, sub-CTS model that is expected in a couple years, much like the Provoq concept was a thinly veiled version of the new SRX.

Apparently, Bob Lutz has promised that a production car based on the Converj would be as close to the styling of the concept as the Chevy Camaro is to its concept – i.e. not much visible change at all.

As part of the decision, GM must also decide if a 2-door is a good bet in the market or if a 4-door coupe with the same shape. We wouldn’t mind seeing both.

Expect a production car to be a 2012 or 2013 model, and likely to be rear-drive and 4-cylinder and v-6 powered. Cadillac Converj – 2 doors or 4?


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