Economic collapse takes a bite out of Cadillac’s European strategy

Due to the economic downturn, Cadillac is seeing a major setback in its efforts to sell product in Europe.

As you may know, Cadillacs along with Hummers and Corvettes were distributed in Europe by Kroymans Import Europe – which has just recently gone under.

This leaves Cadillac with little presence in Europe as they are now down to the GM-owned stores in Britian, Russia, and Switzerland.

Additionally, the reduced sales (already a fairly low number) has made GM re-think offering the 2.9l diesel in the CTS and STS – immediately limiting their future appeal in a region of the world where easily half of all cars are diesels.

Let’s hope this is a temporary setback and that GM and Cadillac come out of this soon so they can resume their push into international markets.

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