Cadillac does well in JD Power APEAL survey

JD Power has released the results of their 2009 APEAL survey. The APEAL is a measure of “how gratifying a new vehicle is to own and drive…”

This year, Cadillac came in second in the Entry Luxury category with the CTS.

While this is the only explicitly spelled out model in the entire survey, Cadillac pulled off something interesting…

They came in third as a brand behind only Porsche and Jaguar. That’s right, Cadillac is more ‘APEAL’-ing than Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus.

Way to go Cadillac! Just imagine how they’ll do once the new uber-Cadillac sedan, the CTS coupe, the sub-CTS sedan, and the Converj all make it to market.

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