It’s official…GM Announcements

Sub-CTS rear-drive (all-wheel drive optional) is well into development.

CTS coupe and CTS-v coupe will be on sale next year.

While these were the only product announcements given, they do confirm that the sub-CTS will be, at least on paper, a potential competitor to the BMW 3-Series. There is a fair possibility that this will be the fabled ‘Alpha’ platform product we’ve been waiting for.

No announcements were made about the high-end Cadillac sedan that has been on-again/off-again for some time now. However, it would seem odd to us if Cadillac spent money to make a real rear-drive small sedan and then built a product positioned above the CTS on a glorified version of the Malibu’s Epsilon platform. Even all-wheel drive would make this a mere shadow of what a Cadillac deserves to be.

We’re sticking to our expectation, despite rumors still floating in some circles, that the upper-end Cadillac will be based on a rear-drive architecture and be targeted squarely at 7-Series/S-Class competitors.

  • JDH

    I certainly hope you’re right that the uber Caddy will be based on a rear-drive platform like a stretched version of the current CTS or the platform the late lameted Pontiac G8 and the stunning new Camaro are based on (Zeta platform?).

    There was a nasty rumor on this week that the uber Caddy would be based on the same platform as the new Buick LaCrosse. While the new LaCrosse might be an excellent Lexus fighter, it is certainly not in the same league as the 7-series/S-Class.

    A Caddy based on that platform would not have the street cred to compete with Germany’s finest (just as the large Lexus does not seriously compete in this segment either). Basing the uber Caddy on a primarily FWD platform would send a very confusing message to the marketplace on what the Cadillac brand stands for going forward in the scheme of the new GM.

  • JD

    While Cadillac might come out with neatly designed products the quality is not up to par with Audi and BMW.

  • JD,

    Having owned a first generation CTS, and having friends with both Audi and BMW products, I’d be interested in your definition of ‘quality’. 😉

  • JLM


    I am a current Cadillac owner coming from Lexus. In 2005 I purchased my very first Cadillac after extensive comparison between Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. Cadillac, BMW and Lexus were my final luxury brand models in the mid size premium luxury performance sedan category I selected for purchase consideration.

    The final luxury models, were BMW’s 545i, Cadillac’s STS V8 and Lexus’s GS 430. I found all of these luxury brand models competitive with each other. I purchased Cadillac’s STS V8 as the best luxury model to meet my requirements over BMW’s 545i and Lexus GS 430.

    My requirements changed for 2009 and I required a full size luxury performance SUV. And again I reviewed all of the luxury brand models offerings from Audi, Cadillac, Infiniti, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover. Only two luxury brand models made my purchase consideration evaluation list, Cadillac’s Escalade AWD Platinum and Range Rover’s Land Rover Supercharged. I purchase Cadillac’s Escalade AWD. Cadillac’s Escalade overall design, styling, performance, hauling/towing capacities and advance technologies were simply superior when compared to the Land Rover Supercharged for my requirements.

    I would suspect Cadillac’s XTS is not a replacement of the STS, but a DTS replacement. I would believe if Cadillac wants to compete with luxury models in the Mercedes-Benz S Class category it will take another model for that from Cadillac.