It’s official…GM Announcements

Sub-CTS rear-drive (all-wheel drive optional) is well into development.

CTS coupe and CTS-v coupe will be on sale next year.

While these were the only product announcements given, they do confirm that the sub-CTS will be, at least on paper, a potential competitor to the BMW 3-Series. There is a fair possibility that this will be the fabled ‘Alpha’ platform product we’ve been waiting for.

No announcements were made about the high-end Cadillac sedan that has been on-again/off-again for some time now. However, it would seem odd to us if Cadillac spent money to make a real rear-drive small sedan and then built a product positioned above the CTS on a glorified version of the Malibu’s Epsilon platform. Even all-wheel drive would make this a mere shadow of what a Cadillac deserves to be.

We’re sticking to our expectation, despite rumors still floating in some circles, that the upper-end Cadillac will be based on a rear-drive architecture and be targeted squarely at 7-Series/S-Class competitors.


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