SRX is in the Caddy Edge garage

Our review Grey Flannel 2010 SRX Turbo has been delivered and the review is in progress.

Initial impressions…

  • The UltraView roof is huge, extending well past the rear seats.
  • Pairing with my iPhone via BlueTooth was painless (though I don’t seem to have a way to control the phone, etc. with the voice controls – I’ll be looking through the manual later to see if that is correct).
  • The beltline is awfully high, which impairs visibility a bit, especially if you are used to sedans.
  • Power liftgate is a nice option
  • Rearview camera with guidance lines is much cooler in practice than I thought it would be (showing not only what is behind you, but where you’ll go given the angle you have the wheel at).

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