SRX is in the Caddy Edge garage

Our review Grey Flannel 2010 SRX Turbo has been delivered and the review is in progress.

Initial impressions…

  • The UltraView roof is huge, extending well past the rear seats.
  • Pairing with my iPhone via BlueTooth was painless (though I don’t seem to have a way to control the phone, etc. with the voice controls – I’ll be looking through the manual later to see if that is correct).
  • The beltline is awfully high, which impairs visibility a bit, especially if you are used to sedans.
  • Power liftgate is a nice option
  • Rearview camera with guidance lines is much cooler in practice than I thought it would be (showing not only what is behind you, but where you’ll go given the angle you have the wheel at).
  • John

    Looking forward to your in-depth review. I’m especially interested to learn whether you notice any squeaks or noises from the ultra-view roof. (The one in my CTS makes all kinds of noise that seems to be due to the rubber gasket that seals the gap between the two pieces of glass.)

    As for the iPhone voice controls, you might look for “voice pass-thru” in the Bluetooth controls section of the owner’s manual. If it’s like the CTS (likely), it’s a lengthy process:

    Press and hold the voice command button until it beeps, then say “Hands Free” (system says “Ready”), say “Bluetooth” (system says “Bluetooth ready”), say “Voice” (system says “Okay, accessing ), then use standard iPhone voice commands.

    The iPhone’s voice commands are WAY nicer than the car’s, but it’s a huge pain to get to its controls. There really should be a way to set the “hands free” command to go right to the phone’s voice control, but that’s a MS software limitation, I’m sure.

    Here’s hoping GM goes back to their older systems (designed in-house) instead of using off the shelf MS stuff that “almost” works and isn’t much different than what MS sells to all the other manufacturers.

  • You, obviously, are correct.

    I am shocked at how much extra work and steps it takes to get to some of these functions.

    I need to get a look at Ford’s new Sync (MyFord Touch) to see how it compares.