Autoweek: GM planning hybrid ATS and CTS

It appears that the second generation 2-mode hybrid system from GM (currently seeing duty in full-sized trucks and SUVs like the Escalade) will shed enough weight and size to see duty in cars.

According to GM vice chairman Tom Stephens, this will result in the new system seeing use in the upcoming Alpha platform that will underpin the ATS and, according to reports, the next CTS.

The two-mode system is unique among hybrid systems in that it offers fuel economy benefits at highway speeds and is much more accepting of high-load conditions (like towing in its truck uses).


  • Kyle Bridges

    Maybe with Nesbitt gone, Cadillac will again consider what this customer wants – a true competitor to the AWD, 6 speed Mercedes C Class, Audi A5 and BMW 335ix.

    Everytime Cadillac builds anything with AWD, it comes standard with auto. Why force me to buying a Euro brand, when what I want to drive is an AMERICAN-MADE CADILLAC with manual 6 speed and AWD? Will the Alpha car finally offer this combination for a change?