Nesbitt dethroned…moving back to design

GM did what everyone was whispering about for the past few days…they shook up the leadership of their brands in a major shift of the sales and marketing power structure.

Now, instead of a single brand head, the brands now have a VP of marketing as well as a VP of sales and service.

Cadillac now has Don Butler, in the new position of U.S. marketing VP and Kurt McNeil as U.S. sales and service VP. McNeil was previously general sales manager, Chevrolet.

Bryan Nesbitt is returning to design as executive director, advanced concept group, reporting to Ed Welburn, VP of global design.

  • Kyle Bridges

    Note: Don Butler was the product manager for the miserable Pontiac Aztec and also the Chevy Traverse. How does this qualify anybody to be the Marketing VP of Cadillac? Exactly what does he know about a luxury brand or their customers? Sounds like a case of GM networking at its worst for this appointment.